Saturday, April 21, 2012

baby soft

There's not much to say about these photos. There's no real rhyme or reason. I have just felt a strong urge to capture her baby soft skin, her little rolls, and beautiful baby blues before she can escape me. It's the perfect age, she loves to sit and she loves to smile!
I had to get a photo with giraffe. This is her paci that she never took. She l.o.v.e.s this giraffe. 

I know I have a million photos of her already, but I can't help myself. She changes everyday. Doesn't that mean I should take a photo everyday?

Thursday, April 19, 2012

little piggies

I remind myself to remember 
the sweet details of her babyhood. 
it won't be like this for long. 
time will roll on.
my little girl 
will grow big. 
so I give myself this gift today, 
a photo I will cherish forever. 
of little piggies. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

In the Light.

Linking up with Ashley and Sarah's Tutorial Tuesday: Low Key Photography.

I was opening my computer and about to put Littles to bed when I thought to get my camera out and have fun with just the light off the screen. I knew she would cooperate when I showed her a photo of herself on it (I swear she cracks up every time she see's a picture of herself or looks at herself in the mirror!). She was also ecstatic I let her play (bang) on the computer for a minute. She did change some settings but luckily I figured out how to fix them back :)
Anyway, even after the very long day I had I wanted to give it a try. Technically, it's all wrong. But I love them just the same. I guess that's the beautiful thing about photography....


Tutorial Tuesday

Saturday, April 14, 2012

7 Months

Little A is doing well. I must say this every month, but seriously seven months already? Every day she amazes me just a little more. I love everything about her and I could not even imagine a day without her.
What she's up to...
Addison now eats 3 meals a day, usually two fruits and one vege. She still drinks 5-6 four ounce bottles as well. She's in size 3 diapers and 6 and 6-9 month clothes. She sits up very well now and loves to play longer because she can sit there. She is very much attached to me lately. I can't say I blame her I'm a pretty cool mom ;) (I kid). She goes to daycare 2-3 times a week now (aka Grandma) and has been doing great there. Three to four hour naps are the regular. How Grandma does it I have no idea. I can only get her to sleep 1 1/2 hours at most. (Which if you've read my other posts is awesome since she used to only do 30 minute naps). Though it does depend on whats going on. She naps much better in her crib where it's dark and quiet of course.
No signs of crawling very soon but she does try to scooch on her belly, especially if she can push off something. She is starting to reach for me when I go to pick her up and helps pull herself up. We are trying to get her to use a sippy cup for water. So far she just bites it then gets mad. Guess we'll keep trying!
We started sleep training, for good this time. The first night she did exceptionally well. Per the doctors suggestion I gave her some water when she woke up (12am). She sipped on it, drank less than an ounce and didn't want anymore. She kind of curled into me like she would go back to sleep so I held her for a second then laid her back down. She was a little fussy so I turned on her rainforest waterfall said night and left the room. Less than a minute later there was no fussing. She was back asleep! She slept until 5:30am! At that time I feed her (being it had been 9 1/2hrs) and put her back in bed. She slept until 7:30, and played in her crib until I came in and got her at 8am! Night two didn't go as well. After her being awake and crying for an hour with it only getting worse I gave in. Yeah, I am not cut out for this!! I'm going to keep trying but an hour was just too long.
She loves..
mobiles. she gets so excited over them.
her feet.
mommy taking her pictures.
biting or anybody else holding her :)
playing with toys.
jumping in her jumperoo.
her rattle giraffe & swaddle blankies- LOVES
the rain forest soother/waterfall in her crib.
hanging on my hip.
fisher price games on my iphone.
singing itsy bitsy spider
reading goodnight moon.
I just love love love this girl and can't wait to see what next month brings<3 1

Thursday, April 12, 2012

instagram recents

Where has time gone lately?! I swear I haven't stopped moving in weeks! I have been swamped with working and photography. Keeping up with the house is hard enough at the end of the day. So yeah, I'm slacking on blogging. Until I catch up here are some recent instagram shots of little A.


Geesh, she will be 7 months old in two days. Time to start her monthly post!
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