Thursday, October 9, 2014

Fall Photos of the girls

I decided to get the girls out for a quick 15 minute photo shoot since the leaves are changing and it's not too cold out. 

Mind you, it was just me and my camera, and two of them. Both girls were well behaved though, and Addison is really turning into quite a little model when she wants to be! Harper is on the move though and really wanted to crawl all over, but still a happy girl! There are more needing to be edited, one day! 







Beach Weekend

My little family took a weekend trip to the beach before Summer was officially over. It was the perfect getaway and the perfect time. The weather was beautiful, there were no crowds, and we really enjoyed some quality time together.








Addison's Growing Up

Every day Addison tells me, "mommy I eat so I can grow up and be big like you and daddy, but not Harper she's little"- "I want to be big so I can reach"....

Please baby, stay little...

These changes and new activities are fun, but it's already crushing me how big you've gotten.

September 2014

September brought her first year of pre-school and second year of dance class! She is doing wonderfully in both. 


9 Month Sleepy Shot

September 2014

Harper 9 Months

Well we missed our 8 month update, 'enough' time to do things these days is simply non-existent!

While Addison Mae is at pre-school I'll do a few quick updates :)

Harper's already 9 months!


She's on the go now.
She eats lots of solids- mostly things I puree her, soft table foods, and occasional Beechnut baby jars.
We are still nursing- which marks my 2nd short term goal! Long term goal is one year :)
She is a horrible sleeper. 3 hour stretches are her MAX. She's in a bad habit of nursing through the night, because after a certain point I bring her in bed from her crib.
She's getting more personality. Like her sister did at this age- goofy!
She loves to 'dance' to beats, waves bye bye (pointed towards herself), and claps.
She says all of the first baby sounds- mama, dada, nigh nigh, ba ba
When Addison sings, Harper makes loud noises in attempts to mock her :)
She has gotten MUCH better with car rides, she hardly ever cries.
Still a big momma's girl, but the dramatic effects of me leaving her are slightly lessening.
One top tooth has white appearing, so I know it'll be soon that she has her top two in!
She had her first sickness- a 3 day fever, no other symptoms and otherwise happy.
She is the SWEETEST snuggler. Much more cuddly than Addison ever was ;) Harper prefers to be close.
She loves to play in the playroom with Addison. (Now if Addison would stop snatches all the toys we'd be set!)


Happy 9 Months Harp! I can't wait to see what this month brings!
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