Thursday, April 28, 2011

It's a....!!!!!!

Anatomy Scan2crop

Anatomy Scan3crop

Anatomy Scan1crop

BABY GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anatomy Scancrop

addison mae <3

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sweet Shot Tuesday/ Pet Challenge


My parents dog Kali giving my niece Olivia some kisses just yesterday :)

Note: Olivia looks like she's crying but she was actually laughing!

Sweet Shot Day

I have Easter pics and my sisters maternity pictures to share with you all soon!

Meanwhile, I will be antsy for our anatomy scan Thursday, wish us luck!

Monday, April 25, 2011

19 Week Bumpdate

19 weeks (7)

How far along: 19 weeks!
Baby: Is the size of a Mango!
Total Weight Gained: Up another pound this week. So 3.5lbs, unofficially. I will know for sure when I go to my doc on Friday.
Sleep: :/ I want so badly to sleep on my back. It's already getting uncomfortable switching sides all night. 
Maternity Clothes: I wear maternity pants and capri's on occasion when I'm not wearing stretchy waist stuff or I don't feel like trying to halfway zip the zipper on my regular jeans, but no maternity shirts yet.
Best Moment of the Week: Jimmy finally feeling little one kick! 
Food Cravings: Anything cool and fresh...especially water with lots of squeezed lemon, fruits, veges.
Aversions: steak, hotdogs, & shrimp. 
Symptoms: heartburn, indigestion, backaches, round ligament pain.
Movement: more constantly now! 
Gender: 3 days!!!!
What I miss: nothing right now- besides sleeping on my back
What I'm looking forward to: Thursday!! ...handsome baby boy or beautiful baby girl?
Weekly Wisdom: I have learned to cut up a lemon at the beginning of the week and take a baggy of slices to work to keep in the fridge for my water. I also do Crystal Light packets or MiO liquid.  I've never been one for plain water so these help me drink more. 
Milestones: Baby can now likely hear my voice and muffled outside noises! His/her brain and sensory development is exploding. 

19 weeks (8)

If you haven't already make sure you take a guess at Baby Pug's gender on the top left of my blog! only 3 days left to vote :)
Baby, fetus at 19 weeks - BabyCenter

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter



Tomorrow we are going to see family and have an Easter egg hunt! Wish me luck! I'm already slower than normal lately but I will be feeling sorry for my sister who is 34 weeks pregnant! She might not get too many eggs ;) I hope to take some photos to share!

Hope you all have a happy Easter!

Monday, April 18, 2011

18 Week Bumpdate

18 weeks (4) copy
I feel like I have popped just a little the last few days. Belly feels higher and heavier! And please excuse the outfit. I was too lazy to change for the photo.

How far along: 18 weeks!
Baby: Is the size of a sweet potato
Total Weight Gained: Up another 1/2 lb this week. So that brings it up to 2 1/2 lbs! appetite is increasing, which is good because Hubby was thinking I was starving our child. 
Sleep: is great. I love sleep. I love naps. 
Maternity Clothes: a pair of jeans from Old Navy that are still too big and I just bought a pair of jeans from H&M that are perfect! I love them. Full belly band and all, they still look like fashionable jeans. A definite recommend if you are preggo. (Who knew H&M had a maternity section?!)
Best Moment of the Week: getting TCBY for my first time- vanilla frozen yogurt with blackberries & strawberries, simply amazing. I can't wait to go back! 
Food Cravings: pretty much any fruit, love em. And I've really been wanting Boardwalk french fries.
Aversions: steak & shrimp. 
Symptoms: preggo mind...I'm pretty sure it's arrived! Clumsier too..dropping things left and right. && I'm still occasionally getting Oh and minor lower back discomfort has already started, eek. I'm in for it!
Movement: is picking up! I've been able to feel baby from the outside a bunch more now. This morning laying in bed I would poke at my belly and he/she would kick back at me. Amazing every time.  
Gender:  9 days until the big ultrasound!
What I miss: feeling normal on a daily basis, though I don't know if I will ever really feel 'normal' again!
What I'm looking forward to: Finding out whether our sweetness is a handsome baby boy or beautiful baby girl!
Weekly Wisdom: I've got nothin right now.
Milestones: He/she is now developing fingerprints and yawning!

If you haven't already make sure you take a guess at Baby Pug's gender on the top left of my blog! only 9 days left to vote :)

Baby is growing...

Baby, fetus at 18 weeks - BabyCenter

Thursday, April 14, 2011

A few nice days

Temperatures have been up and down; warm and sunny then cold and rainy, seemingly every other day. So I'm really trying to enjoy the nicer days. On Monday my nephews had soccer practice, they are on a peewee team! They don't actually have games since they're only three and four year old but they are learning some basics and having a great time.  I've been waiting for days like this since they were babies.  I can not wait for some flag football too! I brought my camera with full intentions of getting a bunch of photos but realized when I got there I left my memory card at home. My sister took this photo of me, hubby, and the boys!

305e copy

Afterwards we stopped for Rita's ice cream... of course...and I tried their new peanut butter chocolate ice (with chocolate custard!)...delish!

Today was another nice day. Though most of it I spent inside at work I did manage to venture out for a little bit afterwards with Roxy. I gave her a bath then let her sun dry on a long walk.




I'm looking forward to more sunshine filled days like these!!



Monday, April 11, 2011

17 Week Bumpdate

17 weeks copy 2

How far along: 17 weeks! picture technically taken at 16 weeks, 6 days :)
Baby: Is the size of an onion
Total Weight Gained: scale says I've put on 2lbs this week! look out!
Sleep: Better now that I only get up twice a night to use the restroom! And I have figured out how to sleep well, without being on my back! I'm wedged between a pillow and small blanket and when I'm tired of laying on my side I roll to a half-back sleep position, caught by one of my wedges (So I'm not lying flat back). Okay that probably makes no sense... but it's so comfortable!
Maternity Clothes: belly bands and a pair of jeans from Old Navy
Best Moment of the Week: hmm can't think of anything, but just feeling better overall!
Food Cravings/Aversions: Appetite is growing! I eat more and I'm loving more. I'm not as picky!
Still no steak please.
Symptoms: Round ligament pain! It's started. Mostly when I get up from sitting/laying, or when I twist/turn. I'm not complaining though, it just means the belly is growing to make room for baby :)
Movement: Daily. And they're not just tiny flutters anymore, most are what I like to call thumps.  They aren't big by any means of course, baby is still tiny, but they're tougher than the little flicks I had been feeling! 
Gender: We can't wait to find out...16 days!
What I miss: nothing!
What I'm looking forward to: Finding out boy or girl!
Weekly Wisdom: better days DO come!
Milestones: On baby: fat is accumulating and skeleton is hardening!

Make sure you take a guess at Baby Pug's gender on the top left of my blog!
Here's what we look like at 17 weeks, according to BabyCenter. 
Look how big baby is getting in there!
Baby, fetus at 17 weeks - BabyCenter

Friday, April 8, 2011

Baby Stuff

Well the baby room has been cleared out! Before it was a guest room filled with Hubby's clothes and junk. There was A LOT to clear out.  But it is now ready to paint and decorate. This will begin once we found out  baby pug's gender...20 days and counting!

A bit drab right now. I can't wait to fix it up!
It's a little bigger than it looks, it's difficult to take photos of bedrooms!

Here's an idea of what I like:
What I love about these: The white wainscot, the espresso furniture, and a calm paint color.  
teresa:  adorable boy
both images courtesy of google

We've narrowed down which furniture we will purchase, and buying that will be step one. We're also 90% sure of the nursery themes. Unfortunately, the themes we were set on since we found out are suddenly discontinued. So we had to re-choose. I'll post those soon!

That brings me to baby names...we have them! We had the boy name picked since before we found out. The girl name was difficult for us but we have finally come up with the one. However, we decided not to announce the name until after the ultrasound :) Sorry, but it won't be long!

And finally, here are baby's first items!
The Pooh Bear blanket/rattle and Mickey Mouse T-Shirt came from Hubby's Grandmother. She bought them while vacationing in Florida. The giraffe and toy came from my sister and nephew!

These are some outfits DH and I have picked up over the weeks! Mostly all clearance items but I had to buy somethingggg :) 

Monday, April 4, 2011

16 Week Bumpdate!

16 weeks copy

How Far Along: 16 weeks
Baby: Is the size of an avocado
Total Weight Gained: Nada
Sleep: It's alright. Now that I'm not supposed to sleep on my back, I'm trying to get comfortable on my sides with pillows surrounding me.  I'm such a back sleeper this will be hard. 
Maternity Clothes: belly bands and a pair of jeans from Old Navy
Best Moment of the Week: feeling baby movements  :)
Food Cravings/Aversions: Starting to get my full appetite back.  Steak is a no go though. And still large pieces of all meat..blah :/
Symptoms: I'm finally starting to feel pretty good! Some minor things, but nothing to complain about.
Movement: Flutters/kicks/nudges all the time. Especially during/after dinner and when I lay down. But at work today baby went crazy (literally doing somersaults or something) so I put my hand there and actually felt strong movements from the OUTSIDE! My sister also felt them. It was amazing. Baby is soo active! 
Gender: Come on APRIL 28th!!
What I miss: Nothing right now!
What I'm looking forward to: Finding out boy or girl!
Weekly Wisdom: Even though I have most of my energy back, naps on the weekends make me feel so much better!
Milestones: Four months!! And baby can now pick up my voice with it's tiny ear bones forming!

Make sure you take a guess at Baby Pug's gender on the top left of my blog!

Here's what we look like at 16 weeks, according to BabyCenter. 
Baby, fetus at 16 weeks - BabyCenter

Friday, April 1, 2011

Hello April!

Well I have to say I am thrilled it's officially Spring time but I am not thrilled about the weather lately! It's been cold for too long. I'm ready to put my winter coat away for good and bring out the flip flops. But the weather is not cooperating. So I must wait it out. Boo.

In the mean time I will be looking forward to the following:
  • Being FOUR months preggo on Monday. Another milestone!
  • Skipping a months mortgage payment...because we finally refinanced our home this week!
  • Easter Sunday. We will be visiting my grandparents I haven't seen in a couple years now and will be doing an easter egg hunt! 
  • April 28th, the day we see our bouncing bean again and find out whether it's a boy or girl!
  • Selling my two door car and buying an SUV! We've needed an AWD vehicle for the winter but in a couple months it will be a must. I've had the same car since the age of fifteen so this is exciting for me!
  • A ton of parties and get together's coming up.
  • Meeting my newest niece, Kendall, in May!
And even though it feels like forever away, I'm always looking forward to this day...

Get on a roll Mother Nature. We need sunshine and warmth, it is long overdue. 
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