Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Basic Meal

Another food blog! Trust me though- there won't be many. I just thought I'd share our dinner tonight because it was cheap, easy, and somewhat good for you! No recipe, nothing fancy. But since I appreciate simple fixing ideas for dinner, maybe someone else does too! So here is is...

Salmon $7 with mashed potatoes $1, squash &  zucchini .60 cents/each. 
Total cost for two people: $10 (with marinade added in). 
Total Cook Time: 15 minutes (after marinated)

Okay so the mashed potatoes were from a packet, not good for you, but easy. Veges- cut up and toss into butter or EVOO coated skillet for 5 minutes on high, sprinkle on s&p & herbs, then cook on simmer for 10 minutes, covered. Salmon- marinate in Lawry's Sesame Ginger for 30 minutes in fridge then throw on George Foreman for 5 minutes.

Ta-Da! It was delicious!

Blue Crabs Game!

For this past fathers day hubby and I purchased Blue Crabs tickets for our parents, and ourselves. Hubby's sister, brother in law, and our nephews also got tickets in the row behind us. We thought it would be nice to get our parents together and enjoy an evening outside watching a ball game. What we didn't know was how the weather would turn out. Since we've had scorching hot weather lately we thought for sure it would be a warm, humid night. Way wrong. It was BEAUTIFUL! No humidity, cool, and pleasant evening. We ate peanuts, burgers, fries, sausage, chicken tenders... and turkey hill ice cream Mmm! Our seats were right behind the home plate so no worries of foul balls...since nobody had a glove. Hubby did catch a squishy Blue Crabs ball they threw from the roof though, and gave it to Daniel. Afterwards they had a spectacular fireworks show; One of the best I've seen in awhile. The icing on the cake- on the way out we got free 8 count nugget coupon for Chick-fil-a! Guess where I'm going for lunch Monday? :) We couldn't have asked for a better night.  
Here are a couple photos!

Daniel so excited!

Brothers @ Blue Crabs

I just love this picture 

Same picture as above, just playing with effects :)

View from our seats


My Parents

Dylan & his Grandma playing with Uncle Jimmy

Thursday, July 29, 2010


I have a new 'Happiness' tab.  Check it out!  What are some things that make YOU happy?

Monday, July 26, 2010

What's For Dinner Tonight!

Most of my family & friends know, I am by NO means a cook. I have come a long way since getting married last year, trying my best to make myself and husband good meals, but I still have a ways to go. Basically, I only like to cook when it turns out good :) And I despise cleaning up food. Anyway, tonight I tried a recipe out of my new Food & Family magazine. It was a grilled chicken & summer vegetable stir fry. Ingredients: red & yellow pepper, chicken breasts (cut into pieces), tomato, white rice, bbq sauce, Italian shredded cheese, garlic cloves, & onion. It was delicious! I took a few pictures, not of the entire process, but you get the gist :)

chicken before cutting

the mixing pot


followed with a klondike bar :)

Aquapalooza Weekend!

~friends-sunshine-boat-warm water-margaritas~
combine together for a fun-filled day

Every year for the past three years I have been fortunate to attend a boat party in Virgina, Aquapalooza. My sister & brother in law have a nice boat and let us ride with them. It is always a great time with good friends. Here are a couple photos from this year!


Lori with the beach ball

Hubby & I

Sis-in-law & BFF

Sunday afternoon my family & I celebrated my Grandma's 78th birthday at Sakura! It was a great family dinner! One of the highlighted moments was Hayden catching the shrimp his FIRST TRY EVER! He had no help and the chef flung it like normal! He was so proud of himself, too bad I didn't get a picture!

The Penny's

The Pizza's

Happy Birthday Grandma Shirley!

Dad & Brother taking shots!

Afterwards we did our grocery shopping then the normal- settle on the couch for a Netflix movie- night. I, myself, have yet to pick out a movie. But hub does a good job. And this movie was suppose to be for me, a comedic love story.

It got a 4/5 star- I honestly don't know how. It was OK, though no 4 star. Don't get me wrong, it was a nice change up from the gun-shooting/bank-robbing/kid-napping movies that are normally on the list :)

Last but certainly not least, a picture from Friday afternoon of two of my handsome nephews!
Aren't they adorable?!
Overall, it was a great weekend. It went by way too fast though!

I love summer!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Orlando Fun

I'm going to play catch up for a couple blogs :)

In June, hubby & I spent a week in Orlando, Florida to celebrate our first wedding anniversary. Here is a quick recap of our trip!

We got to see the new theme park "The Wizarding World of Harry Potter" at Universal Island of Adventure on it's opening weekend. Although neither of us have read or seen the series (I would like to one day) the buildings/castles and entire atmosphere was magnificent!

Harry Potter Ride
And the "Butterbeer" was delightful...tasted like a frozen cream soda!

We also spent a night in Daytona Beach! We spent one day at the beach and pool then the next day went to The Daytona 500 Experience (very cool).

Daytona Beach Boardwalk

One evening we went to Downtown Disney where ate at Wolfgang Puck, strolled around by the lake, ate a Mickey Mouse ice cream bar :) and later got margaritas on the water! It was a beautiful evening.

Lastly, we went to SeaWorld and saw Shamu Rocks, The After Dark show! The second the first killer whale jumped out of the water I was wide-eyed. It was an AWESOME show. Afterwards there was a Reflections Fireworks show!

We had such a wonderful time on the trip and agreed we would go back one day with a child/children and family!
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