Monday, January 28, 2013

Moving! / Snow / 365

Some big news..

We are moving!!! We have been in our 'starter' home for over 5 years and really want to break out and move on. We came across the perfect opportunity and couldn't pass it up. Near family, great location, good schools, and still close enough to work.
Addison was playing in our future front yard here.

And now the countdown begins...10 days!!

Also, it was her first real snow fall, that she could play in anyway. She mostly stayed still and smiled. I think she was more or less confused by it :) 
All the snow put me in a baking mood. Last weekend I baked more than I have in a year (ha ha ha).
FADSC_7894 copy

Okay & What 365?  I could not for the life of me pull out my camera daily, who was I fooling? I'm fairly good at once a week (outside of photography sessions), but still can't commit. I'll stick with random, and less stressful. 


I'm hosting a big giveaway for reach 2,000 fans on my FB page. Thought I'd share the fun...

Jessica Lacey Photography 2k Giveaway


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Newborn Goodness

Some recent newborn sessions. I haven't shared much of business work here in awhile. I love my newborns. I have a crazy amount on the books for 2013 already. If I didn't love shooting everything (families, children, engagements) I would soley focus on them. Maybe one day... dreaming big.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Another Photography Q&A?

Still attempting to keep up with 365, and not doing well! I think I'm going to put less pressure on myself and do the 52! I need to write her 16 month update too! Lots to keep up with!! Also, off topic, but blog related- I'm also thinking of doing another photography Q&A, with the little knowledge I do have I don't mind sharing ;) If there is any interest I'll open up a post where you can comment your question.

Sunday, January 6, 2013


This girl has it. Finally, she's walking well enough in shoes to play outside.

She absolutely loves it.

I feel like I've been waiting forever just to let her run free.
She 'ran' up and down the driveway cracking up, and just had a blast. I mean, it must be an amazing feeling. She was a late walker so she's been cooped up where she can't get her hands and pants too dirty. Now I can not wait until Spring, but we still have so much winter to bear. We explored leaves and acorns, dirt and patches of grass. The sunshine today was a bit of a tease! Hopefully it makes it's appearance more often, December seemed so dark.

I'm also attempting to do the 365 daily photos. This won't be easy for me, and no doubt I'll skip a few days, but the plan and dedication is there!
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