Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Just Because....

She has the best little frown cry ever. Is that wrong of me? I seriously think it's adorable.
Harper 2 Months
Harper 2 Months
Harper 2 Months

Harper (Two Months)

TWO Months already!
A quick update with lots of photos. 
Harper 2 Months
Harper 2 Months

Stats: 10lbs 10oz, 22inches - growing wonderfully

Harper 2 MonthsNicknames: Harp, Harps, Baby Harps
Harper 2 Months

What's new:
You are starting to smile much more! Melts my heart.
You are beginning to coo.
You like your pacifier, a lot! A big win for this mommy. Addison hated hers. 
Sleeping:  3 hour stretches are 'good'... but it's all okay for now. Let's just sleep longer very soon, mkay?

Eating: We are still nursing, nearly exclusively. I'm attempting to build a small stash for when I have sessions and have to leave you. You've taken a few bottles of expressed milk like a champ though!

Likes: Sleeping on mommy, eating, bouncy chair, swing, lightly swaddled with arm access :)

Dislikes: tummy aches/ burp bubbles, being overtired 

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