Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wordish Wednesday

{Roxy girl about a year ago, snoozing on the couch}

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Monday, September 27, 2010

A touch of Fall

I'm a sucker for Fall decorations so I had to have this wreath ($8.99 on sale at AC Moore) and I love it. It gives a nice touch to the outside since we're still waiting on new shutters (take a look at the new siding though!). So homey, it just shouts Hello Autumn.

We bought this house, our first house, in October 2007 from an older couple. They had a wreath on the door at the time that felt so inviting to me that it had already felt like home. 
a snapshot of the day we bought our home.

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Sister's Baby Shower

Saturday was my sisters baby shower. She is due on Halloween with a little girl.  
Her name is Bailey.
We're all excited to add another family member!

This is the banner that I and Lori handmade. Three strenuous hours :)
"Welcome Bailey"

The favors (m&m's and hershey's kisses) surrounded her maternity pictures for centerpieces.

And here she is.. the preggo sis!

 Bailey's nursery decor, bear ballerinas

Everything turned out great; though we could have done without the late September heat wave!

This is her second baby. 
My nephew Hayden was born July 2007.  

Where does time go?  Sounds cliche but it really does feel like yesterday when I heard his heartwarming first cry in the hospital. Amazing. I was so excited to meet him. 
This calls for a couple photos of that night.

And now I can not wait to meet his little sister. Five weeks! Time to start the countdown.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Blog Hopping!

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Picture for the day is..
{my niece Olivia ~ 9 months old~ at my other sisters baby girl shower}

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

I'm lovin'

 a few things i'm lovin' today

getting out Fall decorations


...and my niece, Livi 

Puppy paws 
these in particular..

And this man.

Today we had my sisters baby shower. She is having a baby girl! I will post those pictures soon!
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Thursday, September 23, 2010


I got this idea from Ashley at Ramblings and Photos who found it on this site by Cheryle Kupsch. It is called 'planet photography' and I wanted to try it out for fun! Take a look!

BEFORE: Redskins Stadium

I love how the field is in the direct center and if you blow it up you see 'Redskins'!

BEFORE: View on Brooklyn Bridge in NYC


Pretty cool huh?

Try it!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

RIP Tucker

Just so you know- this is a sad post. So if you're not looking to read anything downing today, please skip this. 

    Early yesterday morning I found out that my neighbors dog escaped from his backyard and was hit by a car. He was found dead by his owner. I haven't been taking this news well, at all. I don't take losing any beloved pet easily..and I've had my fair share of losses. Three dogs I grew up with have passed away just in the last three years. They're all hard to swallow. But this has been nearly unbearable to even think about. This one stings. I find it unbelievable that someone can hit a dog and not stop. It should literally be a crime. How heartless? 
    His name was Tucker. A beautiful black lab. He was hardly a year old. He was Roxy's best backyard friend. They would run up and down the entire length of the fence playing. I cried from morning till night yesterday. It pains me so much. It's so so hard to go outside and not see him there, jumping on the fence, wagging his tail.  He was just a puppy.  And just like that-he's gone. Roxy goes outside and sits there- waiting for him to come play 'their game'... the one where she crouches like a ready-to-pounce tiger until he comes over to the fence then she playfully growls at him. I call her inside. I just can't bear it right now. I want him to be there just as much as she does. I thought he would be there for as long as we lived in our house. 
    Tucker's owner, our friend, is heartbroken. I seriously can't even imagine. I hugged Roxy tight yesterday and realized every day I have with her is precious...dogs live a short life as it is. I wish I could rewind the days to give him a treat and have his puppy teeth grip my sleeves. Or see them play once more.   

RIP Tucker-boy. You are very missed.

I debated posting but I needed to get this off my chest and write down my feelings. 
Thanks for understanding. 

Change of Season

Happy First Day of Autumn!

I'm such a summer girl but I always welcome this change of season. Fall is just so pretty. I love getting out decorations, wearing sweaters and boots, lighting pumpkin and harvest candles, baking cookies, and opening the windows. I could probably go on and on, but you get the point :) 

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Sunday Fun-day

Sunday morning we awoke and went over to my parents for me and my sisters birthday, since we had not done so with my family. My parents cooked a big ol' breakfast. Pancakes- eggs- hashbrowns- sausage- bacon- strawberries- and more! We ate outside on the deck that overlooks their peaceful lake, a gorgeous view.

We talked and watched the little ones play.

And we ate birthday cake, yes for breakfast! nom.

 Being with family is a great start to any day.

After breakfast we headed straight for FedEx field to watch the Redskins Vs. Texans.

We had shaded seats and a great view! The weather was beautiful.

We watched as the Skins trampled over the Texans.

By the second half we were leading 20-7. 

There was a good vibe in the stands. Hopeful, happy fans.

We sang our song 'Hail to the Redskins'
We waved our flag and cheered for our team.

Then something happened.

The Redskins stopped playing and the Texans started.

We missed field goals and they scored touchdowns.

The end was a heartbreaking loss in overtime. Texans won by that field goal we missed. 30-27.

It was a good game though, both teams fought hard. We all just thought we had this game in the bag. And that's the worst. But they will hopefully find their mistakes and fight harder next Sunday. Go Redskins!

Weekend and Cirque Du Soleil!

What an awesome/busy weekend! To play catch up here's the gist. Thursday after work a group of my best girls got together for 'our' birthdays. Since we're all grown up now and lead our lives in many different directions the times we spend together are sadly dwindling. So for the past three- maybe four- years we've set up an evening in September to eat pizza, chit-chat, and celebrate the years worth of birthdays with a birthday cake :) It's a great time to really catch up on each others lives. 

For my birthday Hub took off Friday-  and told me to take off also- we spent the entire day together. We went to a great shopping mall about forty-five minutes from home.  I got to use my $100 Nordstrom gift card :) We had lunch at Coastal Flats. If you live around here (friends) I highly recommend eating there if you haven't already. This was our second time there and it is sooo good. Then Hub took me to buy practical clothing items at Victoria's Secret. I don't usually like to spend that much on those items...but he insisted :) Afterwards we picked up cupcakes from Cakelove, went home and watched a movie while thoroughly enjoying them.

Sorry I have no pictures of the above events

Saturday we met Hub's family for lunch at McCormick & Schmicks (boy was I spoiled this weekend- yum).

I really love this picture of my in-laws below.

Hub's grandmother also came!

After lunch went to see Cirque Du Soleil's show "Ovo". 

 It was jaw-dropping. 

This is the only picture I have inside. No photography allowed. Bummer!

If you have not seen one of their shows, you need to do so ASAP ;)  This particular show is about the world of insects. The producers are so clever, the costumes are outstanding, and the people (actor/actresses) are amazing. The whole show is so thrilling and entertaining. Everyone loved it- from my three year old nephew to something-aged grandmother! (disclosing for her privacy ;)

To top it off the weather was beautiful. 
(nephew with his uncle, father, and grandfather)

The sun was setting just as we left. A perfect end to the perfect day!

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