Monday, September 20, 2010

Sunday Fun-day

Sunday morning we awoke and went over to my parents for me and my sisters birthday, since we had not done so with my family. My parents cooked a big ol' breakfast. Pancakes- eggs- hashbrowns- sausage- bacon- strawberries- and more! We ate outside on the deck that overlooks their peaceful lake, a gorgeous view.

We talked and watched the little ones play.

And we ate birthday cake, yes for breakfast! nom.

 Being with family is a great start to any day.

After breakfast we headed straight for FedEx field to watch the Redskins Vs. Texans.

We had shaded seats and a great view! The weather was beautiful.

We watched as the Skins trampled over the Texans.

By the second half we were leading 20-7. 

There was a good vibe in the stands. Hopeful, happy fans.

We sang our song 'Hail to the Redskins'
We waved our flag and cheered for our team.

Then something happened.

The Redskins stopped playing and the Texans started.

We missed field goals and they scored touchdowns.

The end was a heartbreaking loss in overtime. Texans won by that field goal we missed. 30-27.

It was a good game though, both teams fought hard. We all just thought we had this game in the bag. And that's the worst. But they will hopefully find their mistakes and fight harder next Sunday. Go Redskins!


Jenn said...

Great pics! And great seats too! Sucks soo bad they lost :(

Ashley Sisk said...

What an awesome Sunday and great pictures.

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