Monday, September 6, 2010

NYC in a nutshell

What an amazing experience! We had a wonderful time taking in all of New York City. 

Our room at the Marriott Marquis was on the 39th floor and direct view of where the ball drops in Times Square!

Central Park is big & beautiful!

Times Square is filled with people and lights! Cab drivers are absolutely crazy. Crazier than the bus drivers in Mexico!

Ground Zero and the 9/11 Preview Site really takes you back to that awful day. 

The Brooklyn Bridge is so pretty. The views are breathtaking. I loved walking it.

It was neat to see the New York Stock Exchange and think 'that's where they ring the bell!'

Little Italy is vibrant with food, color, music. I love how it really feels like a little town where you walk in the middle of the streets and eat outside. The pizza & Gelati we ate were soo scrumptious.

The Blue Man Group- seriously Laugh Out Loud funny. We were cracking up. I was stared down directly by one of the blue men for at least two minutes... scary!!
I can't name a favorite site we visited. Everywhere was electric with lights, history,  and people of all different ethnicities and culture...just incredible.  

Though I enjoyed being in all those famous places, I am happy to be back at a bit of a slower pace!


Ashley Sisk said...

These photos are so great - I've never been to NYC as a tourist but your photos inspire me to do so!

Katrina said...

Looks like an awesome trip! We would love to visit NYC someday, I am hoping to make a trip during the holidays one of these years! You're pics are great, thanks for sharing!

Jenn said...

What great pics you took! Ya'll looked like ya'll had a great time!

Kat said...

I love the city! You should check it out in the dead of winter. I honestly think it's beautiful at the Holiday time, even though it's wicked cold and windy!

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