Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Addison and Harper

Harp 7 Months

they wear me out, drive me crazy, teach me patience, and bring me so much happiness. 
so glad they are here, and they are mine. 
even on the tough days I scroll through photos of them at night and smile. 
just another reason I love photography 
they will have plenty of photos to see when they are older.

Harper 7 months

I'm behind on blogging, per the usual. I'm not even sure how I still find a sliver of time to update here. I keep pushing myself though because I know how much I enjoy looking at Addison's growth, especially in the first year.

So here's the little chunker at 7 months..
Harp 7 Months
Harp 7 Months
Harp 7 Months
Harp 7 Months
Harp 7 Months
Harp 7 MonthsHarp 7 Months

At 7 1/2 months: 
she is getting her two bottom teeth
loves to say da da
doing so much better with daddy when mommy has photo sessions!
devours avocado & banana mix, apples & pears, and sweet potatoes
still nursing wonderfully- going for one year
goes to sleep in her crib, but is in mommy's bed a few hours after
is attempting to crawl, pull up, jump, etc. she's not far from being extremely mobile!

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