Tuesday, May 31, 2011

6 Months & Nursery Update

Six Months!!
I can't believe I'm at this point in my pregnancy already! I get more and more excited each day. 

Nursery News
Her nursery is coming along so well! First click here to see the before photos!

Here are the during pictures...

And here is what is looks like now!

We still have to add decorations, blinds, and well more baby stuff, but I'm loving it so far!

Momma & Baby Update
Overall, I'm feeling good! According to my anatomy scan I had a low lying placenta at 19 weeks. They say it's pretty normal and will likely move up but doc is sending me for another ultrasound so we can take another look at it in three weeks. So I will get to see my baby girl again! Thinking positive that everything will be in normal position! As for littles..she is now weighing over a pound and almost a foot long, she will begin to put on baby fat. As of a few days ago her heartbeat is at 150. My 24 week check up went well. At my 20 week appointment I was at my starting weight. Since then I have packed on a whopping six pounds. Eek! But my doctor is happy and so am I. I needed to gain a little weight for my little bug.

24 weeks


(I promise the mirror isn't dirty, it was all the sun glare!)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Newborn Niece Photoshoot

I had the pleasure of taking a couple photos of my pretty six day old niece. Overall, it was harder than I thought it would be for a couple reasons. 1. I have very little equipment, so trying to take inside photos, with low light, is not easy! 2. Little girl did not like to be unwrapped from her blanket and so she was awake and cranky for a little bit!

Each time I take others' pictures I learn a little more. I also am more driven to make my next shoot even better. I would love to get another lens and external flash before Addison arrives (those have been on my wish list for awhile!) but that's not likely. So I'm determined to push and challenge myself to improve without spending extra money on a hobby...right now.  Anyway, I haven't finished editing even half of them yet but here are a few of my favorites thus far.


same photo, just couldn't decide in color or b&w!


tiny fingers, tiny toes!


sibling love

and then, she {snapped}

Monday, May 23, 2011

23 Week Bumpdate

Baby Updates

  • She is now approx. the size of a baby doll! More than 11 inches long and weighs over a pound.
  • Some noises are becoming familiar now! Such as my voice, Roxy barking, dishes clanging, or the vacuum running. 
  • Fat accumulation is picking up pace, she will double in weight the next four weeks.
  • She is starting to practice breathing with amniotic fluid by sucking in and out of her lungs.

Momma Updates

23 weeks2
*camera phone pictures due to laziness. apologies for the toilet back drop*

As much as I hate to complain about anything related to the little miracle inside me...Ouch, the back.  There are days that no matter what I do I can never get relief, even in my bed or relaxing on the couch. Also the calves and ankles...what in the world? I think I stood way too long one day and had so much discomfort/pain by the evening I had to sit and prop them up. They felt swollen (didn't really look like it though). I thought it was too early for all that! I'm so in for it. Otherwise, I feel pretty good! I'm loving that I can eat whatever and I haven't gotten sick in weeks. Bad thing is I'm beginning to crave soda. The whole first half of my pregnancy I never cared for it. Now is a different story... along with a lot of sweets, eek. Not to worry I still dig the healthy stuff as well. I have my 24 week check up on Friday so I will know how much weight I have gained then. I'm pretty sure I'm not up about 3lbs total. We'll see how accurate I am though!

Other Related News

The nursery is painted and the chair rail is installed; it looks amazing! We have just a few touch ups- new blinds and fan need to be installed- and we're ready to set up the crib!  I also bought her letters for her name and spray painted them. They are ready to go! I'm hoping we can finish with those things this weekend. I can't wait to show you all the start of her nursery!

23 Week Old Fetus

Friday, May 20, 2011

Welcome Baby Kendall!

My newest niece has arrived!

Kendall Brooke

May 19th 2011 at 6:21pm

7.1oz 20.25 inches

Healthy and Beautiful!

Kendall fav border

Proud Aunt, once again. I feel so lucky :)

Proud Momma, once again!

Proud Parents of another little girl!

Sweet Shot Day

Monday, May 16, 2011

22 Week Bumpdate

So this update will be a little different from the rest. I'm tried of answering the same questions, at least for this week. I feel the need to break it up a little.

Update on Baby
  • Addison kicks a lot more often and I watch her make my belly dance on a daily basis now. She's always awake and crazy around in the evening. I also feel her a lot throughout the night and first thing in the morning. You know, when I already have to urgently pee and she's kicking my bladder! And I can make her move now by lightly nudging my belly :)
  • She is approximately the size of a papaya, around 11 inches long and almost a whole pound! Yay! Her little face is fully formed, her taste buds are forming, and she now has regular sleep cycles!
  • Like her momma, she clearly does not like the dentist office. She literally kicked from the time I walked in the door to the time I left the chair! It's one of the longest periods of time I have felt constant movement! 
Baby, fetus at 22 weeks - BabyCenter

Oh, and here is her nursery theme!
When I became pregnant I immediately had a love for giraffes. I saw this bedding online and liked it but I thought it may be too 'zebra-ish' and wild. Then I saw it in store and knew it was the perfect set. It looks a lot 'calmer' in person, I love it! This past weekend we put the primer paint coat on the walls and next weekend we will be painting! The bottom half will be a light tan and the top will be light pink. I also have a decoration or two in mind, I can't wait to put it all together!

Update on Momma

22 weeks 1
  • My emotions are at an all time high, just ask my husband (he will also note that I'm "losing my mind")...and I will agree, somewhat. I realize when I'm crying over spilled milk or I am frustrated over nothing, but I just can't help it...my emotions poor out. I'm starting to understand why pregnant woman are stereotyped!
  • I still take a half pill of nausea medicine every night. If I miss a night I'm doomed in the morning. 
  • My "inny" belly button is now nearly flush with my tummy. (Yea, I'm definitely going to have an "outtie" soon). And so it was time...I took my belly button ring out. Sigh. I guess I have some sort of attachment to it since I've had it for ten years. I look strange without it, but oh well, I'm more comfortable now! I'm planning on putting it back in afterwards...we'll see how that goes. 
  • My belly itches a lot. And even though I know there's nothing proven to prevent stretch marks I lather on that cocoa butter formula every day. So far, so good!
  • I'm starting to actually feel pregnant, as my bump grows and as I feel Addison move more. Though there are times I still don't believe I'm actually pregnant, that there is actually a little girl...our little girl...growing inside me. It's surreal. It's exciting. And it's a little scary. But more than anything it's amazing. I can't wait to see her sweet little face, give her a million kisses, and snuggle her to sleep. But for now I'm content knowing she's safe in there, growing big, and with me every day. 

Here is my sister and I on Sunday! She is having her baby girl THIS Thursday!! I am so excited to meet my newest niece!
22 weeks and 37 weeks

Monday, May 9, 2011

21 Week Bumpdate

21 weeks (2) copy
Photo notes: This was before the jar of spaghetti sauce and I fought for fifteen minutes...it won...and my white shirts became splattered red.  Oh, and all this only two days after I spilled orange Fanta on another white shirt.  I should add "clumsiness" to my symptoms...

How far along: 21 weeks!
Baby: Is the size of a banana!
Total Weight Gained: Unknown. As of last doctors appt...a total of 0 (back at starting weight)...but I'm pretty sure that I'll have a jump by my next appt. in 3 weeks.
Sleep: Some nights better than others. Wedged between two pillows really helps support the belly and back. 
Maternity Clothes: Pants are becoming a must, unless they are are (non-maternity) stretchy pants. Luckily I have some gaucho capri's for work, they're my fav. to wear during the week.  No shirts yet. 
Best Moment of the Week: Hubby feeling her move more and her furniture arriving! AND on Mothers Day, Addison's gift was making my tummy move with her kicks :) First time I have seen that and it was so amazing. 
Food Cravings: Anything cool and fresh...water with lemon, fruits, veges, salads.  
Aversions: shrimp and I don't know why... maybe because I'm afraid of the smell. And thinking of hot dogs grosses me out.  
Symptoms: indigestion (much less thanks to Pepcid), back pain (increasing), round ligament pain (ouch), and preggo brain.
Movement: pretty often, I'm feeling her movement higher in my stomach now which feels even weirder :) I love every one of them though, especially when I'm just laying there quietly. 
Gender: Little Girl Addison Mae.
What I miss: sleeping on my back
What I'm looking forward to: starting her nursery! Now that the furniture & mattress is in we just have to paint and everything should fall into place fairly fast! I'm going to enjoy each step of this process :) 
Weekly Wisdom: the "good parts" of pregnancy does come! Hang on if you're in the first trimester. It gets better by the day.  I feel like I'm actually starting to enjoy being pregnant, minus a couple things.  It's getting much more exciting! 
Milestones: In the second half of the second trimester!  On one hand 19 weeks seems like a long time to go, on the other hand I can't believe in only 19 weeks I will be holding my daughter!

My sweet pea is getting bigger!
Baby, fetus at 21 weeks - BabyCenter

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Easter Photos

I'm really late on posting some photos from Easter...

It was a beautiful day and I enjoyed visiting family I haven't seen in years! 

The creek at my grandparents house.

Hubby & I on Easter Day.

Niece Livi

Brother & Niece :)

Nephew Hayden, doing what he does best!

Niece Bailey, doing what she does best!

And, my little one's first Easter basket :) Thanks to her great-grandparents! How cute?! 

That's all for now, have a great weekend!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Big Upgrade!


my one and only ride for the past eight years.  We had good times, made some memories, and you never let me down.  To say I get attached to things would be an understatement.  I was seriously sad when she was out of my hands and in the hands of strangers :(   Like I had given away a family pet.  I will miss her, but all good things must come to an end AND....

I am in love with my new ride!!

Isn't she lovely?!  It's a 2008 Ford Edge Limited!  We really needed a newer and bigger vehicle before September.  There was no way I was toting a baby around in a two door car.  The Edge has great reviews, especially for safety.  The back seats/leg room area is very spacious and there is plenty of trunk space as well.  Plus, I'm loving the bells and whistles on it!  I can't wait for the day we're bringing Addison home in it :)

Monday, May 2, 2011

20 Week Bumpdate

20 weeks (6)

How far along: 20 weeks!
Baby: Is the size of a Cantaloupe!
Total Weight Gained: I was right that I have gained 3.5lbs since my last appointment. But that only puts me back at my original weight. So technically ZERO.
Sleep: Already getting leg cramps from laying on my sides. Dislike. 
Maternity Clothes: Some pants & capri's. No shirts yet.
Best Moment of the Week: So many good moments this week... Finding out we are having a GIRL, seeing her on the screen, registering, buying the crib & dresser, and buying an SUV!
Food Cravings: Anything cool and fresh...especially water with lots of squeezed lemon, fruits, veges.
Aversions: steak, hotdogs, & shrimp. 
Symptoms: heartburn, indigestion, backaches, round ligament pain, preggo brain.
Movement: pretty often :)
Gender: Baby girl Addison Mae <3
What I miss: sleeping on my back
What I'm looking forward to: starting her nursery
Weekly Wisdom: n/a
Milestones: half way there!!!
Baby, fetus at 20 weeks - BabyCenter
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