Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hanging out

With my friends on this rainy cold day! Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

6 weeks!

A quick weekly update...
At 5 weeks 6 days she weighed 8lbs 7oz. Up 3 whole pounds since birth! Doctor says she's playing catch up because she's gaining weight so fast. That is over 2oz a day since she was weighed at 3 weeks- about 1oz a day is considered 'normal'!
She's still in newborn clothes, but we've up'd her to size 1 diapers now because we ran out of newborns (they we're getting a little snug anyway!)
Her eyes are still looking blue, for now!
She is giving mommy a little more sleep at night, finally! (knock on wood!) And she still sleeps in her bassinet. 

I swear by the sleep sheep still and I'm considering getting the giraffe version for insurance :) She gets a little colicky/fussy at night (7pm) and it helps so much! I encourage any new or expecting parent to get one! 
as pictured below..
she smiles a lot more and has the cutest dimples
I'm looking forward to watching her grow and learn new things everyday!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Recent Session Favorites

I've began photo sessions once again post baby! Here are some of my favorites from the past few...

One Year Old

6_filtered copy

2 copy

1 copy






Wednesday, October 19, 2011

5 weeks

Things seem to be coming around to a new normal.
I guess I'm finally, slowly, adjusting to motherhood.
I still can't believe I'm a mommy to this little girl.
Who is fully dependent on me... and hubby.
But mostly me now that he has returned to work! After four weeks of all being together, we are missing him during the days.
What Addison is up to at 5 weeks...
- grunting! she is definitely one of those baby's that grunts all the time, even in her sleep sometimes! for no apparent reason. she also makes squeaky car noises :)
- she loves to eat. If she's awake she thinks she's hungry, so it's hard for me to decipher if she's really hungry or just fussy/sleepy at times. she eats about 3oz just about every two hours!
- at night she is still 90% sleeping in her bassinet. usually she's up at 1am, 3:30am, and 6:30am to eat. sometimes after the last nighttime feeding I will lay her in bed with us.
- loving her swing now! It's funny, she didn't seem to like it until I turned it to go the opposite way (up and back, not side to side!)
- smiling. it's not very often yet, but goodness when she smiles I melt into a million pieces.
- and growing! she's starting to get a little baby fat, and I'm noticing her newborn diapers are getting snug! I wonder her weight... maybe 7 1/2 - 8lbs now! she's definitely taking up more room in my arms :)

What is Addison's Mommy up to...
- PJ's. Yea, I'm in them all day long, except for the days I do venture out (to take pictures, or stop in work)
- still yearning for more sleep!
- in desperate need of a hair cut (and mommy time)...appointment made for this weekend, whew!
- missing quality time with hubby, a little selfish of me since it's only been 5 weeks, but true
- TV.. why is there nothing good ever on?! The only shows during the day I like watching are Ellen, A Baby Story, and House Hunters. I can't believe all those soaps are still on! Maybe I need to search a little more. At nights...Up All Night is a fav, The New Girl, and of course The Office. That's about it. Terra Nova seems to be okay so far.
- Booking photography sessions! I have quite a few in the next two months. I'm ecstatic! But still trying to figure out juggling a new baby, going back to work, taking photos, and finding time to edit them!

Welp that sums us up right now. Oh, and now that Fall weather is coming I'm looking forward to baby firsts holidays!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Morning Smiles & Coo's

This is what makes the long nights worth waking up in the morning. At four and a half weeks she is starting to give momma big smiles :)
Gah, I love that face!

*please disregard my baby talk voice ;)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mommy got...

an iPhone, finally! 
and can't stop taking pictures of this little girl
photo (5)
cause she's just too darn cute,
photo (6)

and I don't want to forget an inch of her littleness when she grows big.
she is my sweet girl
photo (2)
and i love her like crazy,
photo (1)

Friday, October 14, 2011

One Month Old Baby

Here she is! Getting bigger :)

The first month has been a mix of emotions. The first two weeks were probably the hardest time of my life. Now at one month, it's still hard, but we're managing better.

What's been going on....

It seemed like no matter how hard I tried (with her latching, nipple confusion, & eventually using a nipple shield) or how long I nursed her (for eight hours straight one night) she was never satisfied. Everyone says you'll feel like a cow with them attached to you nearly every hour. So I expected nursing her every 1-2 hours. But what she was doing wasn't normal. She was not getting enough and therefore would be on me every five minutes for hours and hours straight. I cried every sleepless night and and every morning where I felt like I just couldn't do it anymore. So I began supplementing. I felt like a complete failure. I hated each time she would have to suck down formula. I only want the BEST for my baby. My goal was at least six months of exclusively breastfeeding. But Addison needed a sane, happy mommy. Everyone kept telling me she would be just fine, happy mommy= happy baby. Weeks 3 and 4 I pumped during the day and nursed her at night. She ended up getting about 50/50. However after advice from my doctor, for personal reasons, I am now weaning off and she will be just on formula. Although this wasn't my plan I'm not going to continue beating myself up over it like I had been. I know she will be perfectly fine. 

What sleep? I didn't sleep for two weeks straight. It is getting better, slightly. But being sleep deprived can take a toll on you. Again, I thank my husband for helping out. I'm not quite sure how single moms do it, or moms with twins. I give them big props! She likes to eat every two hours still, sometimes she will push three hours. So we are up very often! For the most part she sleeps in her bassinet beside my bed. Occasionally I will let her sleep on me in the morning. 

Sick Baby
My hub and I were sick for a day or two, sore throats & head colds. Then I noticed Addison had a very raspy voice. I could tell she wasn't feeling well. One night she just cried and cried, I knew her poor throat hurt her. But there was nothing I could do :( I just tried comforting her best I could. Two hours later she finally feel asleep. There's nothing worse then seeing your baby upset and feeling helpless. I think she's still getting through it, I'm hoping she feels better. 

Through all the struggles and sleepless nights, I can not imagine loving her any more. The past couple of mornings when I talk to her she lights up with a big smile right at me. My heart melts. The first time she did it made me teary eyed. I can't wait for more and more of them! And I can't wait to capture it on camera! Here's a hint of one...

one month1
There's so much I look forward to. I know I will miss this itty bitty baby one day though, so I'm trying to soak up the moments she is snuggled up on my chest and the when she wraps her tiny hand around my finger. There's nothing like it.

Items we couldn't have survived without:
The vibrating rocker that came with her pack n play. I cannot say enough about it. She sleeps in it most of the day and is usually instantly comforted. I highly recommend this device.
The sleep sheep. Addison LOVES this. It helps her sleep so much better. The only downfall is it only stays on for 45 minutes. When that time is up, so is she. But I just press the button again and she's lights out :)

Here is here "brand new" photo for comparison!

one month

Sunday, October 9, 2011

My life

forever changed

but couldn't be any more rewarding

love them!
all three were passed out. camera woke Roxy up :)

Friday, October 7, 2011

We're alive!

I promise! ;)

Time seems to fly by. Newborns are no joke...they are HARD work!! My little girl has me constantly going! I thank goodness my husband has had three weeks off and is off for another week. I don't know if I'd still be sane without him! And I surely wouldn't ever get any sleep. He has been awesome! 

DSC_0671 copy

Addison is growing well. She was 5lb 7oz at birth, three days later she was at 5lb 2oz, at 12 days she was 5lb 10 oz, and at 3 weeks 2 days she is 6lb 9oz! Which was about a whole pound gain in just 10 days. I'm so happy she's putting on a little weight! She loves to eat. 
2 copy

She's starting to be awake a little more during the day, and sleeping a little better at night. I'm hoping we're on the right track to her sleeping more at night! 

Us & Hub's Grandma

More updates on my little girl later. Time is of the essence!

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