Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year....

Counting down until we meet our sweet girl. Hope you had an amazing 2013, here's to 2014!!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

38 week bump update & Christmas

I'm on a kick getting items off the 'before baby comes checklist'. I've had some rest time, well as much as possible with a toddler. And time off from work. It's been great crossing off to do's. I feel better prepared for the baby to arrive. I even had time to make Addison's 'Two Year Book"!

Holidays have kept me busy, though a good busy. Plenty of cookies, food, and family time. It doesn't get better than that. Addison loved Christmas this year. It was so fun to see the excitement in her face, and teach her about this Holiday. We read Christmas books, watched shows, and sang songs all month long.

Addison was spoiled by her grandparents. A powered car, ride on car, doll house, barbies, and lots of other toys! All of which have been hits.

Baby is now 38 weeks cooked; and seemingly ready. I am 2cm and her head is way low as of a few days ago. Being that Addison came on her own a few days early I'm crossing my fingers for the same for this baby! Except not 19 hours, please? Addison's birth story is here!

A New Years Eve baby? Come on Harper. I love feeling you push around my belly, but momma is ready to kiss your sweet face.

Hopefully my next post will be of our new additions arrival!

And now for a jumble of iphone photos...

Monday, December 9, 2013

Fall Family & Maternity Photos

Since the day I found out I was pregnant I was on the search for a maternity photographer. I knew what I was looking for but it was not easy to pick. I came across Natalie Franke Photography. She does mostly engagements and weddings, but I knew she would be great at anything after browsing through her photos. It was a chilly day on the water but we had such an awesome time. Natalie is super sweet and outgoing, easy to be comfortable around. Addison loved her too. I was so happy when she sent over our photos to view. I am in love with them, and so happy we had them done for this moment in our lives. I only hope that my families feel the same with me when they leave a session and receive their photos. I was different being on the other side this time, but fun :) I love our girl, and the one of the way. Hope this isn't photo overload, I tried to narrow down some of my favorites!!

View More: http://nataliefranke.pass.us/pugliese-family-nov2013
Full Gallery-0020_WEB
View More: http://nataliefranke.pass.us/pugliese-family-nov2013
View More: http://nataliefranke.pass.us/pugliese-family-nov2013
View More: http://nataliefranke.pass.us/pugliese-family-nov2013
Full Gallery-0029_WEB
Full Gallery-0037_WEB
View More: http://nataliefranke.pass.us/pugliese-family-nov2013
View More: http://nataliefranke.pass.us/pugliese-family-nov2013
View More: http://nataliefranke.pass.us/pugliese-family-nov2013
View More: http://nataliefranke.pass.us/pugliese-family-nov2013
View More: http://nataliefranke.pass.us/pugliese-family-nov2013
View More: http://nataliefranke.pass.us/pugliese-family-nov2013
View More: http://nataliefranke.pass.us/pugliese-family-nov2013

Almost Big Sister.

I really wanted to get up another blog post of my sweet toddler before the birth of her baby sister. Addison is full of personality. These were a quick few snaps a month ago. I grabbed my camera when I saw beautiful soft morning light. I haven't had the time to even upload them. I noticed they were sitting on my card and started grinning browsing through them. Time always makes the heart grow fonder. I didn't realize I had captured her so greatly that day. This is HER, every bit of silliness- this child has it. Yet she calls ME "silly girl" ;)

Addison 25 Months

Addison is still blowing me away with smarts. She has all her letters of the alphabet down packed now, majority of colors, and most 1-10 numbers. Her vocabulary increases daily, as well as her proper grammar and sentences. 

Addison 25 Months

The way she holds and kisses the ones she loves melts me. And how she sings Twinkle Twinkle to her baby dolls as she rocks them and holds them close. How she says "here you go baby girl" or "so sweet baby".

Addison 25 Months

Tonight she said something about baby brother (since her cousins just welcomed a brother) and I said no you will have a baby sister... her response... "yes, baby Harper". Ah, she has been listening! I am so nervous and anxious about their being another baby in the house so I have tried my best to continue talking about it. I know it's just impossible for her to fully understand- and even if she does, she still would not be prepared. But, maybe it will help, some. I just hope she continues to know how much I love her.

Addison 25 Months

Thursday, November 14, 2013

32 Weeks

32 weeks today! This was a photo I have been wanting to capture. Because it was so spur of the moment, I didn't have a thing planned! I had to share one, but I'll likely try again before the end of this pregnancy.

I'm doing well. Failed my one hour glucose but passed the three hour with flying colors. We saw baby girl at 31 weeks and she is very content in there and measured 3.1 pounds. As each week passes I am more anxious to meet her and have Addison meet her sister.

32 Weeks

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

...And then she was TWO.

Oh Addison.
Where oh where have the past two years flown to? Every ounce of me vividly remembers you as a brand new baby. I'm not sure how you are already speaking in sentences and doing things on your own (like putting shoes on, eating cereal, getting clothes out, and so much more).  You are so incredibly smart- counting to 14, knowing 25 of the 26 letters of the alphabet (we need to work on V), and most colors. You continue to amaze me, and while I love watching you learn and grow, I want you to stay my little baby forever.  Please? <3 p="">

you on your second birthday and your 'two year photos'....
Addison is Two
Addison is Two
Addison is Two
Addison is Two
Addison is Two
Addison is Two
Addison is Two
Addison is Two
Addison is Two
Addison is Two
Addison is Two
FADSC_3901 copy
FADSC_3823 copy
FADSC_3864-2 copy

love. you.

30 week pregnancy update

Well it's been 10 weeks since my last pregnancy update! Everything is going well. Little girl loves to roll around in there all day. I'm finally starting to feel her hiccups, often. I'm going on 31 weeks, so roughly only 9 weeks left! I failed my glucose test and was succumbed to the horrible three hour test. They said no call means all is well, and so far- no call. 

Julie Socher Photography

Life has been marching on.

 I'm a lot busier with work and chasing a toddler now, but I'm trying to enjoy it as much as possible- long days and all.  If this is my last, I have no doubt I will miss it!

I had a little maternity boudoir session with a local photographer, Julie Socher Photography, and she did an amazing job. I am so happy I decided to truly document this pregnancy. 
Julie Socher Photography

Saturday, September 7, 2013

tiny dancer

Addison had her first dance class yesterday! I was soo happy there was no meltdown. She is one of the youngest in the class and the teacher said she did well. I am, I wasn't expecting her to throw out dance moves. But just the fact that she stayed in the room with a teacher for an hour is a success!

I have been waiting for this day the minute I found out we were having a little girl. It was a big part of my life that created many memories, routine, fun, and challenge. I am hoping she loves it as much. If she doesn't of course we will move on to whatever she wants to pursue. But for now it's to get her into group learning.

Annnd I mean seriously. Ballerina outfits on tiny tots slay me. Addison and her cousin Bailey are in the same class!

Addison's 1st Dance
Addison's 1st Dance
Addison's 1st Dance


I rarely post client's photos here on my personal blog. But these photo sum up what direction I want to go with business. I enjoy newborn photography. It's challenging yet rewarding. I believe that's what everyone's career should entail. This challenge? The newborn was fussy, and it took all six hands to get him settled in this shot and done so safely. The reward? The parents ooohing and ahhing in adoration for this memory captured of their tiny newborn. They are only so fresh and new for so long. I am so honored each and every time a mommy hands over their sweet new babe for me to lull to sleep, feed, pose, and capture. 

Jessica Lacey Photography

Of course it's starts with a beautiful maternity session. The parents are always so overly in love and excited. 
Jessica Lacey Photography 

I also love watching them grow the first year. They become JLP babies, and I love them all.

Jessica Lacey Photography

Six Months
Jessica Lacey Photography

One Year
Jessica Lacey Photography

Two Years
Jessica Lacey Photography

Come December, while on maternity leave I am contemplating a few business changes to be made within JLP. I am excited and anxious. I want to push myself a little further, and hoping the time off will give me thorough planning time.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

20 weeks, & It's a....


Her name will be Harper Emilia. 

The bump the day of the sonogram (18 weeks, 6 days)

My preggo friends!
20 weeks, 23 weeks, 27 weeks, 32 weeks! There are soo many pregnant women right now!

And the official 'bump' update... I love how Addison leaned in to kiss 'mommy's baby belly'...
14 weeks vs. 20 weeks, baby is growing!!
14 weeks-2_WEB

How Far Along: 21 weeks today
Total Weight Gained: Err, 10 pounds give or take :/ 
Sleep: Just fine! Other than I'm having a hard time staying off my back. I use a Sealy's maternity pillow that I love. Still I end up waking up flat on back... need to fix that. ---- still need to fix that. Sleeping on my back is just what my body is used to!
Best Moment of the Week: More kicks :)
Food Cravings: Everything in sight.
Food Aversions: Nothing
Symptoms: pulling in abdomen, random nausea (gagging every morning)
Movement: still waiting for feeling her more
Gender:  GIRL!
What I miss: not too much other than the naps I could take while pregnant with Addison. Oh how I would give for afternoon napping!
What I'm looking forward to: Setting up her nursery!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Bumpdate Weeks 16,17, & 18

18 weeks
(ugh I hate taking these pictures- trying to keep up though and clearly I remember when I'm not planning on leaving the house)

How Far Along: 18 weeks, 5 days today
Total Weight Gained: 4lbs at 16 week check up. Thinking it's around 6lbs total by now ;)
Sleep: Just fine! Other than I'm having a hard time staying off my back. I use a Sealy's maternity pillow that I love. Still I end up waking up flat on back... need to fix that. 
Best Moment of the Week: Feeling an outside kick.
Food Cravings: Peaches/nectarines, Salads, Pasta with vodka sauce. Pretty much anything. I'm food crazy. 
Food Aversions: Nothing
Symptoms: pulling in abdomen, random nausea (gagging every morning)
Movement: little bits here and there... starting to feel more, finally.
Gender: We will find out August 14th :)
What I miss: not too much other than the naps I could take while pregnant with Addison. Oh how I would give for afternoon napping!
What I'm looking forward to: preparing for a baby girl or boy.

This pregnancy I'm gaining much more weight already than I did with Addison, and I can tell. I feel fluffier... not just a tiny belly poking out ;) Which makes me look larger, belly comparison wise. With Addison I gained 15lbs total. I'm counting on this one being 20-25lbs! The big difference is I could never eat more than two bites with Addison, even if I was starving at first. I felt miserable after eating a palm-ful of food. Sooo miserable I had to stop. This baby?? I LOVE food... and I eat it ALL. I love snacks too, maybe a little too much. 

I also felt Addison more by this point. This baby is really random, and when it does move it's only for a minute. I'm ready for move moving :) I love the reassurance! And I honestly believe it's one of the best parts of pregnancy. Even when it starts hurting at the end! 

Monday, August 5, 2013

What's the 23 month old up to? Update on Addison Mae.

As Addison is approaching two I feel like everything is changing. And maybe more so because I'm also anticipating having two children. She is becoming more able to do things on her on, which is awesome. Put her shoes on- no problem the girl loves shoes, go get up in her chair to eat- easy, throw the trash away- she loves tasks. She is becoming a wonderful helper. She even loves to vacuum with the handheld.

Addison is the sweetest girl. I know I've said this before. She can be a hellion, don't get me wrong. But there are plenty of times throughout the day she will just look at me and kiss me smack on the lips multiple times in a row, and then hug me and say 'awww mommy'. Or she will come up and squeeze my leg, and kiss me. If I'm holding her before bed and she's nearly falling asleep on my shoulder she will look up at me, plant a sweet kiss, and lay her head back down. I'm surprised I don't melt into a puddle on the floor each time. I love those moments. They make it ALL worth it.

Her language skills continue to amaze me. She doesn't talk a whole lot around others or in public because she's shy- for awhile. But at home she strives to learn, and talks constantly. She will talk in a string of full sentences from the second she opens her eyes. And the girl loves her books, glued to them. She goes to sleep reading them, and grabs them (in her crib) as soon as she wakes. If she doesn't know what something is she will ask, then repeat the word until she says it correctly if she didn't the first time. She's a sponge, and I'm so so happy about that.

She loves:
Fruits- strawberries, peaches, apples, blueberries are hit or miss
Veges- Broccoli, green beans, peas
Cheese, Yogurt, Applesauce, Milk! Milk MILK!

Probably everything a kid should love- quesadillas, pizza, chicken nuggets


potty training. 

We have a potty, and potty seats in every room. She will sit on them, get toilet paper, wipe, and flush. She will announce when mommy and daddy are going potty. And she tells me when she's gone in her diaper, often saying she needs a 'diapy change'. I think I've been trying to get a 'feel' for the type of potty trainer she may be the last few months. We've read books about it, watched DVD's, and I talk to her about it all the time. But I don't have a routine, or method I want to use yet.  Honestly, I may be the relaxed type that would let her wait until she's ready. However, a baby is coming. I really need to start something soon! I do not wish for two kids in diapers (at least not 24/7). She's a truly smart girl. I know she can do it. I think I'm just the one that's not ready to put in the work :/ I lead a busy go, go life. I don't get to stay home with her. And I'm in and out at other times for sessions. Any advice?

The other big ticket item- Transitioning to toddler bed? 

I was 'thinking' about transitioning right after two. (September). I read that it's best to do a few months BEFORE baby or a few months AFTER. This is still majorly up in the air. And may not happen until after baby arrives. But I'm kind of nervous to have an infant and try to transition her into a toddler bed at the same time. I figure if I start it sooner than later she has time to adjust before baby. That being said, the girl is finally sleeping through the night (most nights). I finally have some relief. WHY would I ever want to mess up a good thing!? She's not climbing out yet, nor has she tried. But then again, what if she decides to try climbing out a week before baby is due? Transitioning her then would be a nightmare. See my dilemma?! I know this has to be common for families expecting number two! So what's your thoughts?


Well this one I didn't have to actually think about. I knew I had to. Our dining room was filled with my photography props for newborns. I thought I wanted to keep the studio in there. But I have been using our front room and like the lighting in there better. So over the weekend we organized! The front closet is now my prop closet (minus a few hanging coats). Shoe rack moved to garage. Bye bye clutter! The dining room, right off the kitchen, is being converted to a playroom. We laid down large foam mats to cover the hardwood. There will be a reading section and a TV/dvd combo hung on the wall. Also great news, it's easy to close off with gates (perfect for when baby is at that 9 month stage). Even better news, we will have some living room space back. I have needed this organization! It already feels good.

I'm excited to throw her 2nd birthday party. The 'theme' is My Little Pony. It started with her love for horses. I wanted to make it cute and girly though :) She's never watched the show once. There will be two ponies there and that's all that will matter to her!

When I think about her actually turning two, it blows.my.mind. I thought one year flew by.... this is just insane. My tiny little baby is so big and growing so fast. I feel like pinching myself!

Lengthy post, and still not everything I could say about this child. She is all sorts of awesome, amazing, and challenging. Love her to pieces! (I'm doubting anyone actually read all this!!)
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