Saturday, December 28, 2013

38 week bump update & Christmas

I'm on a kick getting items off the 'before baby comes checklist'. I've had some rest time, well as much as possible with a toddler. And time off from work. It's been great crossing off to do's. I feel better prepared for the baby to arrive. I even had time to make Addison's 'Two Year Book"!

Holidays have kept me busy, though a good busy. Plenty of cookies, food, and family time. It doesn't get better than that. Addison loved Christmas this year. It was so fun to see the excitement in her face, and teach her about this Holiday. We read Christmas books, watched shows, and sang songs all month long.

Addison was spoiled by her grandparents. A powered car, ride on car, doll house, barbies, and lots of other toys! All of which have been hits.

Baby is now 38 weeks cooked; and seemingly ready. I am 2cm and her head is way low as of a few days ago. Being that Addison came on her own a few days early I'm crossing my fingers for the same for this baby! Except not 19 hours, please? Addison's birth story is here!

A New Years Eve baby? Come on Harper. I love feeling you push around my belly, but momma is ready to kiss your sweet face.

Hopefully my next post will be of our new additions arrival!

And now for a jumble of iphone photos...

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