Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Birth Story

While labor is a beautiful thing- it's the furthest thing from pretty. I won't be too detailed.

September 13th 2011 - 39 weeks, 1 day
8 am- I woke up feeling a little funny, slightly nauseous and more sore than usual. I went pee and then realized I had just lost my mucus plug (yea, gross name) as well. I was so excited I woke up hubby to tell him. But it didn't mean a whole lot, you can lose it a week before labor begins. I was so extremely tired though I decided to stay home from work and ended up napping most of the day. I had a few braxton hick's contractions here and there but they were very inconsistent.

10 pm- I began getting more "braxton hicks" contractions. I tried to sleep through them, but a little over an hour later I realized I was not able to sleep and they were coming 4-5 minutes apart. I told hubby this but still thought they were nothing and tried once again to go to sleep. Then I had a big one, and thought 'okay maybe this IS it' and then felt a 'pop, pop'. I knew exactly what that pop pop was... my water had broke. Even though- from the advice from my sister- I was sleeping with a towel under me I managed to get to the bathroom before the big gushes began. I yelled  to hubby "JIMMY!" Apparently my voice sounded urgent because he came running in thr room nearly falling all over the place. "my water broke". It was 11:40pm. I was pretty calm. Hubby on the other hand was tripping over his feet scrambling around and asking me who he should call, what bags go in the car, and what I needed. I called my mom to let her know and so she could pick up Roxy. I got the towels off my bed and wrapped them under me for the car ride. OK people nobody told me that your water breaking is like the never ending Niagra Falls. I thought it was just one big gush and trickles after. NO. I don't even know how all of it was even possible. On the way hubby was driving a little fast and even though I was so uncomfortable I told him he doesn't  need to speed we had time. In between my groans we talked about how since my water broke and babies must be delivered within 24 hours after, she would be born sometime the next day (being it was nearly 12am), which was a very special day for us. 9/14/11... our ten year dating anniversary!

We got into town and was 20 seconds from the hospital door when all the sudden there were lights and sirens on our tail. Hubby really wasn't speeding too badly... I even thought it was an ambulance going into the hospital. But then realized it was a cop. He even had his spot light on us and the really urgent siren sound on. Since we were turning in to the hospital ER hubby kept going another second to get me to the door. The town cop got out and was clearly irate that we didn't stop immediately for him and we were going if I can remember correctly about 8 mph over. Hubby told him my water broke and he just wanted me to get to the hospital. Hubby showed him his badge (he's a federal officer) and said 'look I was just trying to get my wife to the hospital, her water broke, this is my first baby, I don't know what's going on.' But the cop insisted on being a mega jerk saying well you should have stopped for me right away (we were literally turning into the parking lot). Hubby and him argued back and forth a few times and at this point I was nearly in tears I told hubby to just stop talking. UM hello I was in labor, write us a ticket or leave! Finally the cop glanced in at me the got in his car and sped off furiously. We got out and with soaked towels still wrapped around my bottom I waddled into the ER. The whole time I was thinking this is like out of a movie this really happening? Never did I think I would go into labor before my due date, have my water break on it's own, or get pulled over on the way to the hospital.

September 14th 2011
I was wheeled up to L&D and the process began. IV, blood drawn, checked for dilation- one centimeter WHAT?! only one cm! this was going to be a long day. Contractions were 3-4 minutes apart but they weren't bad at all. At 3am I was offered an epidural. Hubby stood in front of me and I clenched onto his hand preparing for pain. But it was not nearly as bad I had anticipated. Actually it barely hurt at all just very uncomfortable- everyone is different, I guess I just got lucky.

 At 7:30am my doctor came in. I was 3-4cm and 90% effaced. At 11:30am I was 7 cm! I was thrilled at the pace it was going. At 2pm I was 8-9 cm. My doctor guessed her time to be 3:47pm. I was excited, I thought she would be there soon. I had a ton of pressure from my contractions and even a slight amount of pain. 3:47 came and went- I stayed at 8-9cm for hours. They gave me pitocin around 4-5pm to get it going.

At 6pm I was finally ready to push. I pushed for an hour and a half. The last half hour was grueling and very painful. I was convinced my epidural was not working to it's full advantage (confirmed afterwards by my doctor). I don't remembering opening my eyes that last half hour. But I kept hearing 'she has hair- dark hair'  Keep pushing she's almost here! You're so close! In the back of my mind I didn't really want to push- it hurt too bad. But I knew I had to so each push I gave it my all. I had a lot of support. My hubby, mom, and best friend were in the room along with two nurses and my doctor. Even though it seemed like a lot of people, everyone was relaxed and calm- which was my pre-labor hopes.

I saw my doctor lay the hospital blanket across my chest- and then it hit me. Any moment my baby would be here. Look down, look down! And then I saw her. Her arms and fingers spread wide open. At 7:24pm, after 19 hours of labor, our baby girl finally made her entrance. It was the most intense moment of my life. My doctor said she's a peanut! and laid her on me. Life.stood.still.


Soon after they took her to get cleaned up. I heard her crying and wanted her back in my arms immediately. Hubby and I cried with her- tears of pure joy and amazement. They finally brought her to me and I cried even more. She was the most beautiful baby I had ever seen. I was in another world.
Addison Mae weighed 5lb. 7oz and was 18 3/4inches long. Every ounce of beautiful and sweet.


DSC_0489 copy 2

Saturday, September 24, 2011

One Week

Addison's one week photos

DSC_0633c copy1

DSC_0557c copy

1 copy

Addison's friend Isla came to visit us one day :)
DSC_0556 copy

The past ten days have run together. I'm pretty sure I haven't really slept since I went into labor. Addison is a big night owl and loves to constantly nurse. Finding time for anything right now is nearly impossible! I love her to pieces but I'm hoping that it DOES get better like everyone says.

I am just about finished her birth story! That's next.

Monday, September 19, 2011


the new little love of our life...

Addison  Mae


Born on the 14th of September at 7:24pm
5.7lbs and 18 3/4 inches

she is doing wonderfully
more photos and birth story to come! 
still getting settled in as a family :)

Monday, September 12, 2011

39 Weeks

Baby is ready, Momma is ready!

I had a growth ultrasound last Friday at 38 weeks, 4 days. Addison looked absolutely perfect. Tech said she is ready and everything looks great. She was estimated 7.1lbs! Not as little as people may have expected due to my belly size! She has chunky cheeks and chunky thighs (we actually saw fat rolls!) Gosh, I love seeing her little face. And now that I know she is ready, I am so ready. I'm really starting to feel the effects of being nine months pregnant. Tired exhausted & achy all over. And I just really can't wait to meet my little girl!!

Recently I decided to go a little wild with preggo self pics. I'm way to lazy and tired to take pictures with my camera. So here's a photo dump off my terrible droid (soon to be replaced with an iphone!).





I think my face says "I'm done!" in this one ;)

Ya, I feel a little vain for taking all these pictures of myself, but I guess it's just because I know I won't be preggo much longer. I really want to remember how I looked at the end!

Oh and here is her nursery!



I decided to wait on wall decor until after she is born so I can hang photos of her (specifically a canvas above the dresser!)

7 days until my due date! Thursday is my last appointment (and my birthday!) Hoping for some progress!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Roxy is 4!

My puppy is four years old today! 
This calls for picture overload of some a ton of mommy's favorite photos :)



on top of bowls



DSC09175 copy

DSC02010_filtered copy1

DSC01812 copy

DSC02369 copy

DSC01713 copy









She has had a major hair cut since this photo!

can't say I didn't warn you, i just couldn't narrow my favorites down. 
Happy 4th Birthday Roxy girl!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Photog. Session: {Newborn} + What I have learned

This handsome little fellow was 17 days old and weighed just over 5lbs. Due to hurricane Irene and other circumstances we had to postpone his photo shoot a week later than scheduled. Little guy did not want to go to sleep for the first hour. He was very curious about what was going on :) But we made it work and ended up with a couple cute pictures!





What I've learned about newborn sessions...
  • They are MUCH harder than they appear! You really have to be patient and work on their terms. 
  • Make sure they are fully asleep before beginning to pose them (which is a skill all in itself!) 
  • You must have good light or skin tones will be a lot harder to post process. 
  • They are little mess makers! Be prepared with mattress covers under blankets and keep burp cloths in hands distance.
  • Keep the room very warm.
  • Have a plan with realistic expectations. 
  • Don't forget the little details.. fingers, toes, lips, etc.
Being this was only my third newborn session I still have a lot to learn and a lot experience to gain. Lucky me, I will have a little model soon to practice daily with :)

Click It Up A Notch

And thank you for all your support and encouragement on my last post! I appreciate them all!
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