Friday, June 21, 2013

Baby News!

Here we go again! :)
5 weeks-2

We are anxiously, excitedly, nervously expecting baby pug #2!

8 weeks-2

Everything has been well, I barely had any symptoms until 8ish weeks. And it came on slowly.
10 weeks, 2 days...
10 weeks

From 8 weeks until now (11 weeks), I have been beyond exhausted trying to keep up with two jobs, house chores, and a busy busy 21 month old. And at 10 weeks the nausea really kicked in. It's been tough to juggle everything! I'm looking forward to better days ahead :)

I am so excited for Addison to have a sibling. Two kids seemed like forever away at one point. And now it will be reality before I know it. Crazy! :) So there is our big news, it's been tough to keep from everyone this time!
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