Thursday, May 23, 2013

20 Months

My sweet wild child is 20 months. That is scary close to two. Every day with her is something new. 

Things worth noting this month:

 -She has a new 'face' she does that kills me because she becomes so serious and then once I laugh she cracks up too.

 -Tonight I was walking out of her room, and she laid in her crib looking through at me. As I closed the door she said "Mommy?" I said yes... and she said "luh you" I think I melted into a puddle. Every night I say love you and her response has always been a silly "I KNOW!" And it always puts a smile on my face. But this left my heart smiling. My sweet sweet girl.

 -She loves Roxy. Always hugging and kissing her, whole-heartedly. -She continues her politeness. Thank you momma, bless you momma, you're 'welwom' ....all day every day.

 -Loves to sit down and have someone read her a book- as long as their are flipping the pages at the speed she desires.

 -We are loving the warmer weather. Water table is out- she will play on it for an hour. Her new sprinkler just came in the mail... hoping to have her run through it for the first time this weekend. I know she will love it.

 -She holds her babies like a momma would, rocks them, feeds them. -Potty training hasn't officially begun. It's probably me that has no interest. I'm dreading it... and hoping that one day soon she will just ask to go... I can dream right?

 -I've learned that snapshots is really all I'm going to get at this age. And randomly pulling the camera out usually results in a happy "CHEESEEE" for all of two minutes. Versus me putting together a set up, or trying to make her sit/stand somewhere. That's just not happening.

 -AND drumroll please.. she is sleeping through the night. Yes, 20 months, never in my life would I have imagined 19 months of getting out of bed to soothe her in some way. This past month it's just been every other night or so I'd just go in there once and cover her up, rub her back and she'd be fine. But it was still the principal. Before then it was she needed a cup (water) for about a month, before that it was milk once a night- going to fridge for a cup. Up until 15 months she had a bottle in the middle of the night. It has been a LONG road. And I am so happy to finally be at this point. FADSC_9835 Addison 20 Months Addison 20 Months Addison 20 Months Addison 20 Months Addison 20 Months ADSC_9893

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

There's no reason for this post...

I was just testing out a new lens, and of course I had to chase Addison around like a maniac to get anything at all. Disregard the outfit. She left for daycare is something that actually matched but apparently got food on her clothes! Anyway, just a couple pics that I ended up liking and wanted to share here.

Addison May 2013

Addison May 2013

Addison May 2013

Addison May 2013

Addison May 2013

Mother's Day

My Mother's Day...

Hubby got Addison out of her crib in the morning, while I stayed in bed... probably a first (he works late so I'll give him that!) They went out for 18 mile drive and 30 minute wait with a wiggly toddler, just to get me a Starbucks latte. White mocha, of course. I enjoyed the quiet. But I have to admit I was sad not being the one to go in her room to her smiley "Hi Mommy!" and I missed her a ton while they were gone. I guess I'm just used to being with her in the morning. It was kinda boring, but I relaxed  none-the-less until I was restless and had to get up.

We tinkered around the house until it was nap time. Hubby went out to grocery shop and I napped (gasp!) while Addison did. Never, ever will you find me napping. But I gave myself the day to completely relax. It was amazing. To feel like I didn't HAVE to do ANYTHING.
When I woke I realized it was time to go to Hubby's parents and Addison was still asleep. We went to his parents and had all sorts of great food and desert. We played outside with the kids with the perfect weather. And then we stopped by my moms to give her a little gift. Once home, Addison went straight to bed and Hubby & I caught up on the DVR.

All uneventful, really. But just what I needed.

I truly love being a mother, and believe there is no greater gift in the world.

Hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day!

Addison May 2013

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What's been up.

I feel like the days somehow just get busier and busier.  So here's what's on my mind, intermixed with the few shots I've gotten of Addison lately.

We moved into our new home 3 months ago, and it's been great! I couldn't be happier with our decision. I feel like this is where we will be for a very long time and I can make myself comfortable... and eventually decorate :) Anyone want to decorate for me?! Not my expertise!!


Cancun, MX 2013

Every year my family makes a trip to the beautiful beach of Cancun. This was my 12th year? I'm not sure why, but people asks if it gets old. No. It doesn't. It's become a second home. I love our villa, our view, the staff, everything.

Each year our family grows too. This year we brought alone six kids! Six kids sitting in one plane. Yeah, meltdowns occurred. But overall it wasn't bad. They are usually pretty good kids. They all had such an awesome time. Addison really loved the pool and the beach. She would stay in either all day long.

I am longing for warm summer days in this area....






Cancun 2013

Cancun 2013

Photography has been amazing, booming. Great news, yes. But it also keeps me constantly moving, planning, and on the computer. Which as much as I don't want it to- does take away some family time. I try not to let that happen by staying up late after Addison's bedtime. I truly love what I do. Every single family, newborn, child, couple is unique and that's what makes it fun and challenging. It keeps me learning, and on my toes.


Speaking of keeping me on my toes... Addison surely has that down packed! Put her down anywhere outside of the house and she will run in the opposite direction of you as far as she can get! But she is seriously so sweet... her "bless you dada/momma/auntjen/anyone who sneezes" and her very appreciative "thank you much momma" when I give her something she wants makes my entire day.  She counts to 8, says her abc's perfected to G, puts sentences together, and repeats any word.


She LOVES her puppies, baby dolls, barbies, stroller, BOOKS, and puzzles. Actually the girl is puzzle obsessed. You I guarantee she is yelling "MOMMA PUZZLE" at me 5-10 times a day. And her books are a close second.
Addison 18 Months

She is an absolute comedian. She will say something and then crack up laughing at herself. She's pretty hilarious at the things she comes up with, even if it's gibberish. She even has new faces she makes at me...she will stop, do her half smirk eyes gleaming funny face, laugh at herself, stop in mid laugh and repeat.

We may really begin potty training soon. I think she's ready. She shows so much interest, I just have to get into a good routine. Meh! I definitely didn't think this time period would come so fast. I dread it, but I don't want to pass up a window of opportunity as she is amused with it right now. She has gone twice already, but those were just lucky good timing :)Addison 18 Months

She is going on 20 months and it's sad that I'm beginning to think of plans for her 2nd birthday. I have a good feeling the rest of 2013 will be awesome. 2012 was more or less on the rough side with my moms diagnosis and other I-don't-care-to-share downfalls. BUT early 2013 finally started to turn around. My mom's doing well, so good so far within her two year 'maintenance' chemo treatments.
Cancun 2013 I really count every day as a blessing now. It changes everything to think you may lose someone you love before you ever expected. And I don't just apply that to my mom, but to all of my loved ones. It's so important to enjoy the littlest moments. We get caught up, and forget, often, about what matters most.
Addison 18 months

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Some of you may have noticed, probably not many of you other than the people that e-mailed me, but I went private for awhile.

Some nice woman told me that my daughter's picture was being used as someone else's kid on FB. This lady supposedly has had fertility issues, or lost children, it seems. She takes baby girl photos in particular and writes that they are so-and-so, her daughter. On my daughters photo was "Arabella Grace".

I was so distraught, felt a huge kick in the gut and sickened. I tried and tried to contact FB about this matter with no help what-so-ever. I posted about it on my photography page and know that at least 75 people reported the image, and many messaged the lady "Jen" as well. After two days she took the photos down herself. All of them, not just my daughters. It was a huge relief. BUT I know that it's possible someone else is doing the same thing and I just don't know about it... or that it can happen again. I can't help to think I'm just exploiting my child.

I love blogging when I get a chance. I love marking down important milestones in my life, and now Addison's. It's about the only thing I've ever half way kept up with. And it was a big opening to photography for me. I love my friend bloggers, and enjoy reading through their life's journey's as well.

After much debate in my own head I have decided to keep my blog public for now. I will be watermarking every.single. photo posted... which most are. But the photo that was taken was an Instagram photo that was likely uploaded here since I'm private on IG. And it wasn't watermarked. Watermarking doesn't fully protect, but I do believe it helps deter these people. Please be careful with your children's photos.

So that's my thoughts. Feel free to make suggestions, tell me your story, or what you think about matters like this.

And I do believe an actual blog post needs to happen soon :)
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