Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Some of you may have noticed, probably not many of you other than the people that e-mailed me, but I went private for awhile.

Some nice woman told me that my daughter's picture was being used as someone else's kid on FB. This lady supposedly has had fertility issues, or lost children, it seems. She takes baby girl photos in particular and writes that they are so-and-so, her daughter. On my daughters photo was "Arabella Grace".

I was so distraught, felt a huge kick in the gut and sickened. I tried and tried to contact FB about this matter with no help what-so-ever. I posted about it on my photography page and know that at least 75 people reported the image, and many messaged the lady "Jen" as well. After two days she took the photos down herself. All of them, not just my daughters. It was a huge relief. BUT I know that it's possible someone else is doing the same thing and I just don't know about it... or that it can happen again. I can't help to think I'm just exploiting my child.

I love blogging when I get a chance. I love marking down important milestones in my life, and now Addison's. It's about the only thing I've ever half way kept up with. And it was a big opening to photography for me. I love my friend bloggers, and enjoy reading through their life's journey's as well.

After much debate in my own head I have decided to keep my blog public for now. I will be watermarking every.single. photo posted... which most are. But the photo that was taken was an Instagram photo that was likely uploaded here since I'm private on IG. And it wasn't watermarked. Watermarking doesn't fully protect, but I do believe it helps deter these people. Please be careful with your children's photos.

So that's my thoughts. Feel free to make suggestions, tell me your story, or what you think about matters like this.

And I do believe an actual blog post needs to happen soon :)


Natalie said...

I've heard of this happening several times lately. So creepy. I just don't get it. I hope it doesn't happen to you again!

Kate said...

Yuck! I am so sorry this happened to you. I'm sure it was an awful feeling.

I try to watermark all of my pictures that go on my blog, and now I have the right click disabled, hoping that will keep people away too.

And that sucks that FB didn't do anything to help! It just goes to show that they don't care!

Allie said...

It happened to me too. One of those motivational military pages took a picture of my grandfather and I from a military ball and used it with a really crude joke. It was seen, liked and commented on literally thousands of times. People made comments on my appearance and everything under the sun.

I nicely asked them to remove it and they said no. They found it and could use it basically and they weren't the first to do so. They then blocked me and every friend and family member who commented asking for its removal. When we reported it to facebook they did absolutely NOTHING. I was mortified and humiliated and Facebook basically said nothing was wrong. AND it is from my blog which I do have copyright for through my free copyright. The page basically said unless I could provide the copyright they'd keep it up.

Well since they blocked me I had to create a new facebook account and post my copyright on the image (since they also ignored my emails). Only then was it taken down. But it was a hugely popular page and all of this took a few days so literally 15,000 people had liked, commented and shared my image.

Now every image I post, regardless of what it is, is watermarked. I am not a photographer but I refuse to be burned again. I may need to go back and watermark my whole blog, which is nearly four years worth, but to be honest the task is so overwhelming I can't bring myself to do it.

I am so sorry this happened to you. It is a sickening feeling and absolutely horrible... believe me I know. Hopefully it doesn't happen again.

Ruthie said...

:( I am always so afraid of that. I am so sorry that happened to you! I have been missing your blog posts :) hope you come back real soon!


m&msmommy said...

I keep hearing about this happening more and more and it absolutely makes me second guess putting pics of my children on my blog...which makes me sad because it's MY blog, I should be able to post MY childrens pictures, but this world is crazy and so are the people in it! ;) I hope this never happens to you again and I'm SO sorry it happened in the first place!

On another note...I hope your mom is doing well! :)

Lisa said...

I'm so sorry this happened to you! I've heard a few other people mention this, just sick. :( Hopefully getting the word out can prevent it from happening to someone else.

Kat said...

i saw this on fb and it's sickening. truly scary too honestly. i have such a hard time with things like that. and most of the time i just wonder why someone has to ruin it for the rest of us! just ugh why can't the world just be GOOD?!??!?!
i battle this in my head back and forth so much.

Callie Nicole said...

That would freak me out too! I usually try to put a watermark on or near my kids' face in all my pictures because I'm paranoid about this happening. Crazy people.

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