Thursday, May 23, 2013

20 Months

My sweet wild child is 20 months. That is scary close to two. Every day with her is something new. 

Things worth noting this month:

 -She has a new 'face' she does that kills me because she becomes so serious and then once I laugh she cracks up too.

 -Tonight I was walking out of her room, and she laid in her crib looking through at me. As I closed the door she said "Mommy?" I said yes... and she said "luh you" I think I melted into a puddle. Every night I say love you and her response has always been a silly "I KNOW!" And it always puts a smile on my face. But this left my heart smiling. My sweet sweet girl.

 -She loves Roxy. Always hugging and kissing her, whole-heartedly. -She continues her politeness. Thank you momma, bless you momma, you're 'welwom' ....all day every day.

 -Loves to sit down and have someone read her a book- as long as their are flipping the pages at the speed she desires.

 -We are loving the warmer weather. Water table is out- she will play on it for an hour. Her new sprinkler just came in the mail... hoping to have her run through it for the first time this weekend. I know she will love it.

 -She holds her babies like a momma would, rocks them, feeds them. -Potty training hasn't officially begun. It's probably me that has no interest. I'm dreading it... and hoping that one day soon she will just ask to go... I can dream right?

 -I've learned that snapshots is really all I'm going to get at this age. And randomly pulling the camera out usually results in a happy "CHEESEEE" for all of two minutes. Versus me putting together a set up, or trying to make her sit/stand somewhere. That's just not happening.

 -AND drumroll please.. she is sleeping through the night. Yes, 20 months, never in my life would I have imagined 19 months of getting out of bed to soothe her in some way. This past month it's just been every other night or so I'd just go in there once and cover her up, rub her back and she'd be fine. But it was still the principal. Before then it was she needed a cup (water) for about a month, before that it was milk once a night- going to fridge for a cup. Up until 15 months she had a bottle in the middle of the night. It has been a LONG road. And I am so happy to finally be at this point. FADSC_9835 Addison 20 Months Addison 20 Months Addison 20 Months Addison 20 Months Addison 20 Months ADSC_9893


Mallorie said...

Gosh she is beautiful! And she looks SO BIG all of the sudden. WHEN did that happen???

And I feel you on the sleep issue. EC will STTN for about a week, and spoil me, then will be up a few times a night each night again. What is with our girls? Good thing they're cute. ;-)

Ruthie said...

in that last picture she looks SO OLD! Ahhh she is so beautiful.

Sarah @ Life, Love & Dinner said...

She is beautiful and getting so big! My niece was the same way with books, loved them but you had to move at her pace! So cute!

m&msmommy said...

SOOOO cute! I can't believe how big she is getting! Didn't you just have her yesterday? ;)

Don't feel bad...Mia is 3 and still doesn't sleep a full night typically! UGH! Can't imagine how she'll adjust when Baby #3 arrives in September! :)

The Best of Both Worlds said...

Yay for sleeping through the night!! She is getting so big but in person she is still seems little : )

I melted just reading the "luh you" note. Too cute!

Courtney @ One Fine Wire said...

She is so adorable - and it's great to hear that your nights are back and everyone can sleep! That is HUGE!

Happy 20 months to your beautiful baby girl!

kaley said...

sweet girl! :) her hair is getting so long too!

Kat said...

congrats on sleeping through the night! we had great sleep until we moved P to a real bed and got rid of the pacifier. now about 2-5 times a week she wakes up crying. sometimes we don't go in and she falls back asleep other times we gotta go in and just cover her up and she'll fall back asleep. not sure how to get rid of that one :/

Ciara said...

She is so beautiful! And let's hope her politeness and lovey dovey-ness continues through the so-called "terrible twos" !

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