Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Quarterly Top 5

My Top 5 Favorites of Little A from April, May & June. As always, this was extremely hard to choose!
I love this one because I remember she was just getting the hang of sitting up well on her own, I love the cowgirl hat, I love her little teeth, and I love her drool stained shirt.
I picked this one because it's probably going to be an all time favorite. I love the softness and her little baby chunks.

Clean Baby
Mommy LOVES this one. It was a random shot right after her bath and I am so happy I took the time to get out my camera for it. Those eyes just get me.

Addison 8 Months
This was also super random. I saw this spot during a photo session and knew I wanted to come back with her. The light was so magical. I loved all the photos from this little shoot with her!

A- 8 Months
Pinterest Inspired! We filled the bucket with warm 'bath' water and she loved relaxing in it :)

Okay so this one is extra, but I just couldn't leave it out since it's the most recent. <3
Addison 8.5 Months

Thursday, June 14, 2012

9 Months

Addison 8.5 Months
Little girl you are now 9 months old. You weigh 18lb 2oz and 27 1/2 inches.
You're wearing 6-9 and 9 months clothes. 
Addison 8.5 Months
You are full of energy!! You are most definitely on the go. You're now a fast crawler who has realized fun exists beyond your play area. Computer wires, the tv stand, and dog dishes are your most sought after 'toys' these days. I turn my back for one second and you have both the food and water bowls dumped on you and all over the floor. 
Addison 8.5 Months
You love to pull yourself up on anything, over and over. The sharp cornered coffee table has been removed and replaced with a cushioned ottoman. Much safer!

You love finger foods. Little bread pieces and cheese are your current favorites. We will slowly add in new goodies here and there. You want anything that you see somebody eating, and kind of demand it :)

You are getting in your top four teeth. Looks like they will all be in very shortly. Two have broken skin. And your hair is slowly growing in, covering up that bald head :)
Okay, you can see it more in the back haha. 
Addison 8.5 Months

I swear, you are a complete goofball. I don't know who you get that from!! :) When you're not pulling my hair out, realistically and figuratively, you're cracking me up with your funny noises and faces.
Addison 9 Months
Favorite words are still "da da" "hiii" and "aww". You wave hi and bye on que now, which is the cutest thing.
You open your mouth for momma's kisses and will usually say "aww" after, and then I melt.
You must have your swaddle blankies. They are your comfort and security.
Addison 9 Months
There is seriously nothing better than listening to you talk to yourself and your toys in the morning. And when I come in to get you, you squeal in happiness with that adorable grin. It's then when I realize how lucky I am, and that's the best reminder every.single.morning. 
Addison 9 Months
happy nine months little love. 

Friday, June 1, 2012

Splish Splash Summer Bath!

I got this idea off of Pinterest. Found the little tub at Target and planned to shoot on a warm day! Addison loved it! But she kept trying to eat the bubbles ;)
A- 8 Months
A- 8 MonthsA- 8 MonthsA- 8 MonthsA- 8 MonthsA- 8 Months
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