Thursday, August 29, 2013

20 weeks, & It's a....


Her name will be Harper Emilia. 

The bump the day of the sonogram (18 weeks, 6 days)

My preggo friends!
20 weeks, 23 weeks, 27 weeks, 32 weeks! There are soo many pregnant women right now!

And the official 'bump' update... I love how Addison leaned in to kiss 'mommy's baby belly'...
14 weeks vs. 20 weeks, baby is growing!!
14 weeks-2_WEB

How Far Along: 21 weeks today
Total Weight Gained: Err, 10 pounds give or take :/ 
Sleep: Just fine! Other than I'm having a hard time staying off my back. I use a Sealy's maternity pillow that I love. Still I end up waking up flat on back... need to fix that. ---- still need to fix that. Sleeping on my back is just what my body is used to!
Best Moment of the Week: More kicks :)
Food Cravings: Everything in sight.
Food Aversions: Nothing
Symptoms: pulling in abdomen, random nausea (gagging every morning)
Movement: still waiting for feeling her more
Gender:  GIRL!
What I miss: not too much other than the naps I could take while pregnant with Addison. Oh how I would give for afternoon napping!
What I'm looking forward to: Setting up her nursery!


Kat said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOOOOOVVEEE! The kisses are adorable. And 2 baby girls :) I would have DIED if you named your second one Taylor ;) Harper is a gorgeous name. Congratulations! You look absolutely stunning.

The Best of Both Worlds said...

You look great! The pic of Addison kissing your belly is so sweet! Have you compared any recent belly pics with ones you took with Addison?

I can't wait to see how you decorate the nursery! I know it will be cute!

Natalie said...

Big congrats! Having two girls is SO SO much fun :)

Lauren said...

You are a beautiful pregnant mama!! Congrats on baby girl #2!!

Mandy@ a sorta fairytale said...

Congratulations!!! And what a cute name! Can't believe you've already agreed on one. I'm jealous. My Husband and I didn't name either of our kids until after they were born. We always have to wait to see them first (because before that, we always disagree on the name, lol).

Sera Guffey said...

Congrats and I love the name Harper! Great choice. :)

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