Saturday, September 7, 2013


I rarely post client's photos here on my personal blog. But these photo sum up what direction I want to go with business. I enjoy newborn photography. It's challenging yet rewarding. I believe that's what everyone's career should entail. This challenge? The newborn was fussy, and it took all six hands to get him settled in this shot and done so safely. The reward? The parents ooohing and ahhing in adoration for this memory captured of their tiny newborn. They are only so fresh and new for so long. I am so honored each and every time a mommy hands over their sweet new babe for me to lull to sleep, feed, pose, and capture. 

Jessica Lacey Photography

Of course it's starts with a beautiful maternity session. The parents are always so overly in love and excited. 
Jessica Lacey Photography 

I also love watching them grow the first year. They become JLP babies, and I love them all.

Jessica Lacey Photography

Six Months
Jessica Lacey Photography

One Year
Jessica Lacey Photography

Two Years
Jessica Lacey Photography

Come December, while on maternity leave I am contemplating a few business changes to be made within JLP. I am excited and anxious. I want to push myself a little further, and hoping the time off will give me thorough planning time.

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Kat said...

beautiful photos. I love seeing your work - it is inspiring and always advancing even when i think your starting point is the height of most photographers.

I can't wait to follow along.

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