Tuesday, November 5, 2013

30 week pregnancy update

Well it's been 10 weeks since my last pregnancy update! Everything is going well. Little girl loves to roll around in there all day. I'm finally starting to feel her hiccups, often. I'm going on 31 weeks, so roughly only 9 weeks left! I failed my glucose test and was succumbed to the horrible three hour test. They said no call means all is well, and so far- no call. 

Julie Socher Photography

Life has been marching on.

 I'm a lot busier with work and chasing a toddler now, but I'm trying to enjoy it as much as possible- long days and all.  If this is my last, I have no doubt I will miss it!

I had a little maternity boudoir session with a local photographer, Julie Socher Photography, and she did an amazing job. I am so happy I decided to truly document this pregnancy. 
Julie Socher Photography


Tara said...

so beautiful! I love it!

Kristin said...


Kat said...

obsessing over your photos. and that feeling that it's your last.... i think i'll never get over it. I swear it crosses my mind every single day.

ps- you are so stunning.

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