Sunday, October 9, 2011

My life

forever changed

but couldn't be any more rewarding

love them!
all three were passed out. camera woke Roxy up :)


Tunes and Spoons said...

i meant for that comment to go on THIS post!!!

oh my gosh, that first picture of you is magic. it is indescribable. in fact...magic is not the right word...there isnt a word for it. your connection with that little girl looks like the most perfect thing in the world.

Joanna said...! I'm teary eyed!! You're such a beautiful mother and that baby! Too beautiful for words.

Natalie said...

So sweet!
I love seeing my husband snuggle with our little girl on the couch :)

kaley said...

I love when they do that 'baby bird' thing that she's doing in the first picture!!! ;)

Tara said...

love it! she is adorable!

Kati said...

How sweet! I'm sure you are enjoying every single moment. ♥

Ashley said...

So sweet Jeska! I'm so happy to hear that you are doing well. Addison is a DOLL!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh. Love these. That first shot is sooo adorable!

Courtney @ One Fine Wire said...

So cute! I can't wait :)

The Best of Both Worlds said...

Your smile in the first picture is the best! I love that picture. Your so happy! I want to meet this precious lil girl ; )

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