Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I Won!

I Won! My first giveaway I've ever entered! And I LOVE the prize. 
I blogged about this giveaway here! Check it out! 

The next two days I will be very busy getting ready for our trip to New York for the holiday weekend! I am so excited. But I'm REALLY hoping Hurricane Earl stays way away!
Here's the current path:
So we may be following EARL up the east coast Friday morning :/ 
It shouldn't be too bad, but it will probably rain most of Friday. 

I'm going to have to find myself a big clear umbrella like this:

Or this...
Photos Of Blake and Leighton take cover

Or THIS...
nubrella washingtonp the new umbrella   Nubrella!

Haha just kidding with that one.

They sell them at Target so I'll have to stop by there.
Regardless if it's raining or not- it's going to be awesome!

Oh and Happy September!
It's going to be a crazy busy month for us!


The Best of Both Worlds said...

I am jealous but super happy you won all at the same time! you have to post a picture when you receive your blocks!

CaterpillarFamily said...

Congrats on winning!!! Funny, Freckles and Fudge is who won MY giveaway. LOL. Small bloggy world ;)

And I want to see pic when you get it too!!

Jenn said...

Yah! Congrats on your winning! Hope you have a fun & safe trip :) Can't wait to read about it when you get back!

MandeeFoFandee said...

isn't it awesome winning stuff?! by the way, make sure you follow me to be eligible to win! didn't want those comments to go to waste! ;)

Ashley Sisk said...

Remind me...whereabouts do you live? We're watching the storm too (I'm in NC). I'm not too concerned but I think it'd be nice to have one of those cute umbrellas.

kaley said...

i am SOOOOO jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i SO wanted that giveaway! ;)

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