Monday, April 11, 2011

17 Week Bumpdate

17 weeks copy 2

How far along: 17 weeks! picture technically taken at 16 weeks, 6 days :)
Baby: Is the size of an onion
Total Weight Gained: scale says I've put on 2lbs this week! look out!
Sleep: Better now that I only get up twice a night to use the restroom! And I have figured out how to sleep well, without being on my back! I'm wedged between a pillow and small blanket and when I'm tired of laying on my side I roll to a half-back sleep position, caught by one of my wedges (So I'm not lying flat back). Okay that probably makes no sense... but it's so comfortable!
Maternity Clothes: belly bands and a pair of jeans from Old Navy
Best Moment of the Week: hmm can't think of anything, but just feeling better overall!
Food Cravings/Aversions: Appetite is growing! I eat more and I'm loving more. I'm not as picky!
Still no steak please.
Symptoms: Round ligament pain! It's started. Mostly when I get up from sitting/laying, or when I twist/turn. I'm not complaining though, it just means the belly is growing to make room for baby :)
Movement: Daily. And they're not just tiny flutters anymore, most are what I like to call thumps.  They aren't big by any means of course, baby is still tiny, but they're tougher than the little flicks I had been feeling! 
Gender: We can't wait to find out...16 days!
What I miss: nothing!
What I'm looking forward to: Finding out boy or girl!
Weekly Wisdom: better days DO come!
Milestones: On baby: fat is accumulating and skeleton is hardening!

Make sure you take a guess at Baby Pug's gender on the top left of my blog!
Here's what we look like at 17 weeks, according to BabyCenter. 
Look how big baby is getting in there!
Baby, fetus at 17 weeks - BabyCenter


Joanna said...

Look at how cute you are!

Brooke said...

It's getting so close to finding out boy or girl! so exciting :D you are so pretty!

Anne U said...

Isn't it funny how they always compare the size of baby with food?

Tara said...

Love your bumpdates!! :)

Elise said...

Love it! You are going to be the cutest pregnant lady, well you already are! Gorgeous!

Zwickl Family said...

You are SO cute! I can't wait to find out what you are having. It gets me so excited for other moms to see how amazing a life growing inside their tummy really is. Best thing on earth! I can't wait to have another one!

Kristin said...

Happy 17 weeks!! So exciting!!!

melissa said...

Ahhhhh, look at that adorable litto bump!!! This growing process is so exciting!!!! SO cute! Happy 17 weeks! xoxo

Ashley Cody said...

Ahhhhh you have a tiny baby bump, so cute!! What's the saying?? If you're carrying high it's a girl and low it's a boy... or the other way around?!

Anonymous said...

You look fantastic!
You are going to love looking back and reading all of your pregnancy updates. What a sweet thing to have! Good job keeping up with it!

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