Thursday, October 9, 2014

Harper 9 Months

Well we missed our 8 month update, 'enough' time to do things these days is simply non-existent!

While Addison Mae is at pre-school I'll do a few quick updates :)

Harper's already 9 months!


She's on the go now.
She eats lots of solids- mostly things I puree her, soft table foods, and occasional Beechnut baby jars.
We are still nursing- which marks my 2nd short term goal! Long term goal is one year :)
She is a horrible sleeper. 3 hour stretches are her MAX. She's in a bad habit of nursing through the night, because after a certain point I bring her in bed from her crib.
She's getting more personality. Like her sister did at this age- goofy!
She loves to 'dance' to beats, waves bye bye (pointed towards herself), and claps.
She says all of the first baby sounds- mama, dada, nigh nigh, ba ba
When Addison sings, Harper makes loud noises in attempts to mock her :)
She has gotten MUCH better with car rides, she hardly ever cries.
Still a big momma's girl, but the dramatic effects of me leaving her are slightly lessening.
One top tooth has white appearing, so I know it'll be soon that she has her top two in!
She had her first sickness- a 3 day fever, no other symptoms and otherwise happy.
She is the SWEETEST snuggler. Much more cuddly than Addison ever was ;) Harper prefers to be close.
She loves to play in the playroom with Addison. (Now if Addison would stop snatches all the toys we'd be set!)


Happy 9 Months Harp! I can't wait to see what this month brings!

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