Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sister's Maternity Shoot

My sister's maternity photos are up on my photography blog! Check it out here!
Wishing I had brought the new camera but I was too afraid I'd drop it in water or something ;) Still got some nice shots though!

Still going through our vacation photos but hope to share a few soon! And a special little girl is 6 months old today, so I need to get her updates on the blog. 
6 months

Whew, lots to do :)


Erin said...

The maternity photos are just beautiful! What camera are you shooting with? Sounds like you just got a new one?!

Oh and let's not forget, happy six months!!

Hannah said...

Love the maternity serie.
Everytime i klick on your blog i am just in love with your baby girl, she's perfect and her name ADDISON... <3 ahh, adorible!
Yeah, right miss is 6 months today. Happy birthday, Addison!

Anonymous said...

I love your maternity shots. 6 months already? Crazy!

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