Monday, May 21, 2012

8 Months

Addison 8 Months
Goodness. 8 months. Here's what's going on these days... Addison is in size 6, 6-9, & 9 months clothes. Just about weeding out all 6 months though there are some that still fit good. Size 3 diapers. I have no idea how much she weighs but she feels so big now! 
Addison 8 Months
She just started a tiny bit of crawling! This video was to get her saying HI on camera but she crawled! So strange I literally captured her first little crawl on video. Happy Momma. 
Addison 8 Months
She sits herself up very well now from the lay down position. Works well for on the floor play time! I lowered her crib! She is starting to pull up, so I took the preventative measure and feel so much better now! 
The before view:
And after! :)
8 Months
She hasn't actually gotten on her feet yet- just her knees. On the to do list- buy a gated area and insert socket protectors! Addison is a wild child, she n.e.v.e.r stops moving. I'm pretty much scared for when she does start to crawl fast and then walk! She's been a happy girl for the most part lately. I think this coincides with the fact that she's able to play longer by herself. Her favorite babbling phrases are "a da da da" "awww" and "hiii" and waves (as seen in video). She's been doing this for a couple weeks. I thought it was coincidence for awhile, but no she definitely says Hi to people and starts waving her hand. And as much as I try, she does not say mama yet! 
Addison 8 Months
She loves to eat foods. She would much rather have food then a bottle, with the exception of nighttime. Still 4oz. bottles, but usually 4 meals a day. I occasionally make her food, but with work and photography, I don't have a whole lot of time so I would never be able to keep up with her! Her favorites that I make so far are sweet potato & banana with ground cinnamon, and blueberry and banana mixture. I also did apples and strawberries which she loved! She now snacks on crackers and puffs. I love this, it keeps her busy while making dinner! Nighttime has 'good' nights and bad night. Good nights is if she only wakes up once between 8pm and 6am. For almost a week now she has woken up around midnight for a feeding and then 6am. Which is great because she usually goes back to sleep for an hour or two after that! Hubby does the midnight feeding so I'm finally getting a good stretch of sleep! Bad nights are when she wakes up at midnight-4am-7am for feedings and then any time in between to fuss for a wet diaper or Heaven's knows what! Those nights seem to be fading down for now. Hoping she keeps improving! Daycare has been going great, so I hear. She takes excellent naps and loves watching other kids. I think it's so awesome for her to be around kids just a little older than her, I'm sure she takes in a lot.
Addison 8 Months
Motherhood is wonderful. Of course there are days I want to pull my hair out. But then there are days I want to pinch myself...because I can't believe how lucky I am she's mine. Eight months later it still doesn't feel real. It's very challenging but even more rewarding. I love it. 


Jaymi said...

oh wow, these are just beautiful! That first photo is stunning! I love the light, and her eyes! I also love the last shot before the instagram shots. It looks so dreamy, like she's in a fairy tale! Really beautiful!

Kat said...

She is absolutely gorgeous and these pictures are ridiculously amazing!!!! I loooooove the one of her in the woods. LOVE!

Kasey said...

That is so cool that you caught the first crawl...on accident. It always amazes me when they learn something new. I love all of your pics...she is too cute! Love your monthly updates!!

Stephanie said...

She looks so happy in all the pictures! I love the one of her after you lowered her crib, so cute! Glad to hear she's enjoying daycare, that's gotta make you feel good.

Tara said...

she is so adorable! I can't believe its been 8 months! I remember I started following your blog, shortly before you announced your pregnancy! So fun!

Rebecca said...

she is so cute! i absolutely love the first one.

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