Thursday, August 30, 2012


My baby is getting big. I say she can wait all she wants to stand and walk. But really I can't wait to see it. Some bad news hit the family last week and I'm still trying to digest it. I'll blog about that soon... when I'm ready. But for now... just some afternoon light and my baby girl.





And a new iPhone fav.


Kat said...

she is soooo beautiful! :) love the photos

Jessica said...

She's a cutie! And lucky to have a mom so good with a camera!

Best wishes to your family. I've been worried that it's Addison, but I so so hope not. Of course I don't wish anyone in your family ill, but with all the bugs she's been getting lately, plus this post and your instagram, I've been worried about her. Regardless, I send you all good vibes and a snuggle for the babe.

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