Wednesday, March 20, 2013

18 Months Old!!

Wow, I can not for the life of me keep up with this blog! But I've made it a point to write down Addison at 18 months so here it is.

18 Month Stats: 23.6lbs 32.5 inches. 50% weight almost 75% for height

Addison is all toddler now. Complete with a little sass, tantrums, tude,.... yeah you get it! Good Lord, if she doesn't get her way!
But she's also becoming the sweetest, smartest, and most polite little girl. I love talking to her. She understands so much more than I expect. She laughs at her own silliness.

Addison 18 months

When we say "I love you" she gets a big grin and says "I know"... in a matter of fact way. It's pretty hilarious. She says "thank you much" if you hand her something, if the waiter brings our food, or if you say "what do you say?"  She will also be the first to say "BLESS YOU!" when you sneeze - even if you're in the other room!

Addison 18 months

Her vocab is growing daily. She amazes me. At this point there's not a lot she doesn't say. Of course, some things are more so only understood by me!

Addison 18 months

She loves giving kisses, puckers up right on the lips and says "MAHH" with it. I don't think there's ever been a time I haven't melted.


She is in love with her grandpas (pa pa). She will give them a million kisses and loves for them to hold and play with her. It's pretty cute. And of course they love it too :)

I feel like we're getting into a toddler stage of eating. All the sudden she's more particular about what she wants to eat. Peas, green beans, pasta, cheese, and yogurt are her favorites. Meat is hard, and can be frustrating. She will eat chicken nuggets, that's mostly it. Some nights I swear she takes two bites and is done. Doesn't want anything else. 

Night time is still tough. Going to bed is usually easy, hardly ever cries when I put her down. But lately she's been crying throughout the night ALL NIGHT. We are trying to figure out if it's teething... quite possibly molars. She's never consistently slept through the night, some are just better than others, but this has been even worse. So hopefully whatever it is she gets through it soon! On a very good note we have FINALLY cut out milk from the middle of the night. Now I can keep a water cup in her crib. Yay for not having to go to the fridge like a zombie in the middle of the night...., for the first time in 18 months! baby steps with this baby.

Addison 18 Months

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Side note: I need to write a whole vacation post. Because clearly I've been slacking on everyday photos anyway. That's to come next...

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Kat said...

she is such a big girl! aw i just love it. and the "i know" has got to be the cutest ;)

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