Friday, February 14, 2014

the big sister

I have posted about Harper a lot. But lets not forget this big girl. I won't lie. It's tough becoming a mommy of two. My heart is being constantly torn because I feel like I just can't give her enough time.

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I see when she just trying to get my attention, but sometimes it's just not possible to fully give. I get just as upset as she does when she hangs her head and shuffles away. I realize all that little girl wants is her mommy. During the week it's just us girls and I have to tend to Harper, attempt to keep the house tidy (impossible), make meals, do nap times, put myself together, and work. I know this is nothing new to humanity, every mother/father of two or more children have the same issues. But it's new to me, I thought having one was challenging! Now seems like it would be a breeze :)
It's been up and down with Addison. She's definitely into the terrible twos. The tantrums over nothing at all are draining. Her new line "tut up" is blowing my mind. I don't want her to say that and haven't been able to break her of it yet. But deep down I know she's really a good kid. I know it's hard for her at this age to welcome a new baby into the house.
Potty training is nonexistent. She is going on 2 1/2. She knows every bit about how to go, and when she has to go. But actually going on the potty- won't happen. She freezes up and would rather play 'jump on and off, flush the toilet, wipe' etc. I could say I haven't had the time, (really who ever has the time for that?) but honestly it's frustrating. It delays the whole day because she will hold it and then go when I put her down at naptime with a diaper. My hopes of her picking it up on her own are vanishing. Time to buckle down. I'm over changing 2x the diapers!

despite the terrible two troubles, there is so much to love about her....
she loves to help get me things for 'baby harps'
she is as smart as ever
one of her favorite things to do is read books with someone
how she sings and dances all day
she is a lover with a huge heart
her smile and curly head of hair
her beautiful eyes that always seem to capture everyone she meets

I would never wish this age away. I know one day I'll look back on these pictures and say I want my wild and sweet toddler back. Full of energy and excitement over the little things. I love this girl. 

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Kat said...

I feel ya. It does get a little easier and a little harder as they grow up a bit. But I'm sure I'm not telling you anything new here.

The one little piece of advice someone gave me when my little Tay was born is when both are crying/needing attention so go to the toddler first because the baby won't remember...the toddler will. It's not always possible but I've definitely tried to do this and I swear it made things better with Addison.

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