Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Becoming a Big Girl!

The past week has set forth major changes for Addison.

I have been wanting to potty train her for awhile but Harper came, and I didn't want to start and then not be able to give her all the attention she would need to be successful.

Last weekend I was ready. And I knew she was too. She had been wearing underwear on and off during the day when I was home, but wouldn't go in the potty. It was more of she knew she could hold it and then beg for a diaper when she was ready. I tried everything to get her to go on the potty, but ended up giving in and putting a diaper on her so I could move on with my day. This time, I wasn't giving in. She eventually had to. Over the 3 days of really training she had a few accidents. BUT she was starting to get the hang of it. Here we are five days later and she's got it down! We have taken her out and about, she's gone to daycare, and even spent the night at grandma and grandpas! The only diapers are for naps and overnight. I'll tackle those when I think she's ready.

During the same time period she also started climbing out of her crib. There was no way she could stay in there. She is fairly clumsy and had already fell out on one attempt. So we took her rail down. I was terrified of prolonged bedtimes and crying when we had such a good thing going on. The first night she jumped in and out of bed a hundred times within an hour. The second night, about five times. And tonight, twice. I know there will be tough nights and nights she may crawl into bed with us but I am so proud of her!

She's excited about becoming a big girl too!
Love her and all her silliness. So so proud of her.

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Tara said...

She is growing up so much! Big girl!

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