Thursday, May 8, 2014

Harper 4 Months


These four months have flown by. I'm not sure if I'm complaining. I love that you're getting a little personality and all the smiles make my day. I'm am sure that I will one day miss the teeny tiny baby. But for now I still get in plenty of snuggles. You are quite a 'hold me' baby. You love to be swayed and will lay in my arms calmly for a very long time before falling asleep. We have co-slept since birth. While I love being close to you, I do wish for my space back. And for longer stretches. Right now you're pretty much eating whenever you feel like it. Every two hours is normal. Again, I'm not complaining too much. I do get sleep, and you are still a great nurser. That's all that matters in my book. Well, and you are growing well! About 50% for height (24 inches) and 40% for weight. You are still exclusively breastfed but I will be starting some rice cereal shortly to get you used to eating from a spoon. I do plan to nurse until at least 6 months, and then see what happens! We are lucky, right now you can come to work with me. But by 8 months you will likely go to Grandma's. Which may make it difficult. Again, we will see. 


While you're a happy baby, you are super sensitive. And you love your momma. So while I'm at my sessions you tend to give Daddy a hard time. I guess I just know your needs so well and Daddy doesn't get to be with you during the week. 

I think you look a lot like your sister, but different too. Either way I think you're pretty dang cute :)

Love you sweet girl. Can't wait to see what you do this month!

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