Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Things you should know..

Little Miss Momma is having a "Things you should know about me" link up party. Sounded like fun, so I'm chiming in! Since I mostly just post pictures and don't write much you may not actually know anything about me :)

Soo..here are things you should know about me if we're going to be blogging bff's ;) some obvious- some not!

I crave a Starbucks white mocha almost every morning. It may or may not be considered a serious problem.

I bought my house at the age of 21. Married at 23.

I'm a bit obsessed with my camera and Photoshop...it gets worse by the day :)

I still sleep in on the weekends...sometimes until 11:30am. (aka I don't do mornings!)

I've been to Cancun nine or ten times. It doesn't get old. I love it.

I danced from the age of four to thirteen. Then cheered for three years. I miss all of it. Being part of a team, practice, games, competitions.. it's the only thing I'd go back to high school for.

Since I started blogging I have been addicted and have 'met' a lot of wonderful people.

I lost my first dog when I was in the third grade and I remember the exact happenings of that day and the feeling of my broken heart. Within the next year or two my family mom accumulated five dogs.. three were puppies we hoped to adopt out but my mom said she never found suitable homes :) Only two of the five are still living.

I can't wait to be a momma.

My fingers and toes are always freezing cold.

I'm allergic to cats and I think they're sketchy. Sorry cat lovers.

I don't do grocery shopping- that's usually all the Hub's doings. But I'm a crazy cleaner.

I don't do blood or anything medical related. I nearly fainted in 8th grade looking at different types of cuts in a health textbook. I blacked out during a small procedure Hubby had (five minutes of pitch darkness). And I nearly fainted during my niece's birth.

I have a bachelor's in business administration.

I've only been in one serious relationship and after 8 years I married him. Wouldn't have had it any other way.

I'm a huge lover of country music...and converted Hubby years back. Now we listen every Sunday morning together while making breakfast. I love Sundays.

I hate to think of the day when Roxy is no longer in my life.. even though she's only three. She's my bebe!
Santa Puppy

I think I have the best friends. ever.  :)

I adore my five (soon six!) nephews and nieces.

Okay I won't bore you anymore! Head over to Little Miss Momma to link up or read others!


Klove said...

I love this link-up. It's been fun getting to know you. Sounds like you'll make a super momma! XOXO Plus, your babies will be beautiful!

Ashley said...

I loved reading your list! We share so much in common....like, camera/photoshop obsession, Mexico love, and of course, feeling that dogs are family!

I am so glad I ran across your blog...it's a truly beautiful place! I'm following now, and can't wait to read more more more! xo

The Bonjour Four said...

what a fun link up! i LOVE mexico too. been 5 or 6 times and i agree.. it never gets old! I also am addicted to my camera and photoshop... how could i ever live without it. :) So glad I've "met" you over the past month. Love your blog.

Mandy said...

After reading this, I realize we have a ton in common! I'm (obviously) obsessed with my camera and PS, I have been to Cancun several times and LOVE it!!! I think cats are sketchy also, I love country music, danced my whole life and I hate grocery shopping... basically I could have written {most} of this list! Love it! :)

Anonymous said...

hey about texture. It is really easy. Just find the texture you want. Download it. Open it up in your editing program I use elements. Then open the photo you want to apply it to. Then just drag the texture over your photo. After that change your blending mode to soft light or screen or hard light. I just play with it until I like it. Then if you want you can apply a layer mask and delete it off of certain parts of your photo. Hope that makes sense. If not you can email me. :D

Diana Smith said...

Fun post!! Thats crazy you dated your husband for 8 years!! Glad you guys are still together

Suzi Q said...

You sound like quite the go getter! Good for you! I was a cheerleader too, and I miss it. Oh I miss it.

Livin' our Love Story said...

We have so much in common, its not even funny! loL!

Ashley said...

I love this! You're right, we don't get to know much about you! Great pics as usual. :)

The Pepper. said...

I am so jealous you've been to cancun that many times, I'd be so grateful to go just ONCE lol!
Starbucks is absolutely amazing, I just wish they would lower their prices a tad.
& I definitely treat our dog Tator like my other baby:)

We definitely have some stuff in common and I'm recently a new followers!
Looking forward to catching up on you're blog.

Amie said...

Fun list! I think we could still be friends evern though you don't like cats.
Amie @ http://kittycatsandairplanes.blogspot.com

Shannon said...

My husband usually does the grocery shopping as I am the crazy cleaner too! I'm a fairly new follower and every time you post something I smile! I enjoyed your list!

AmyLee said...

oooh, this made me happy :)
you are gonna make the CUTEST mama ever, i love that picture of you holding your niece. and woah, you've been to cancun lots. i'm jealous.

m&msmommy said...

I'm SO jealous of all of your trips to Cancun. I've never left the East Coast! (lame! :) You are going to make a great mommy! And I 100% agree on the cat thing....when I was around 8 I was holding my cousins kitten, she turned on the vacum cleaner, it spoked the kitten, she freaked out, clawed my neck and jumped on my head! NO LIE!!!! :) That is why I do not like them! :)

Great post! It's fun to get to know bloggers that I follow! :)

Ashley Sisk said...

I really enjoyed learning a little more about you. That was fun!

Allie said...

Thanks for sharing, it is always fun to learn more about our bloggy friends. Gorgeous pictures too as per usual.

I too am SO not a cat person. My husband is and always will be my first "serious" relationship and he converted me to a country music lover as well.

Joni said...

loved reading and learning some new things. so glad you shared that adorable photo of roxy again!

Val said...

Great post!!! We have a lot in common. Your blog is awesome....

Vic said...

i miss cheering and try to teach my girls...they want nothing to do with it...it's fun! oh my goodness..u are way too cute with the cam...i need a new one for christmas:) maybe we'll see. i love photoshop too....picnik is fun as well:) love the cute pup as always and wish to grab one for us someday! merry christmas hun!

One in the SAHM said...

Your blog is so cute!

Shalyn said...

I LOVED reading this- so fun to learn more about the people behind the great blogs:-)Your dog is adorable and I can't wait to be a momma either:-) Happy Wednesday!

Ria Thurston said...

Cute and LOVE the list :-) You are so sweet -- great photo of you and your niece. We bought our house young too! We were 19 & 20! So perfect and possible!

amylou said...

Awww. I loved reading more about you.
I'm with you...I don't do mornings either! Or blood!

kaley said...

I adore my five (soon six!) nephews and nieces. - DO EXPLAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???? :)

Karli said...

Oh my goodness, your blog is GORGEOUS! Fantastic pictures, so colorful and cheerful! You just put me in a great mood - LOL! :-) I just read your comment on my blog...I can't imagine what new lens you need; your pictures are perfection. They really are! Thanks so much for stopping by. It's great to e-meet you! Merry Christmas! :-)

Anne U said...

I really enjoyed reading more about you.

Jennifer said...

aww I have a little "fur baby" named roxy too. shes a crazy little white ferret though. lol.

Nice to meet you! Found your blog through the link party =) can't wait to read more!!!

Happy christmas eve eve!

Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

This is so cool. I love country music too and Sundays :)

Chism Classics said...

Cute blog!

Jamie said...

Loved learning more about you! That beach picture is gorgeous!

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