Thursday, December 15, 2011

Three Month Update

Where did the time go? She is no longer an infant, but a baby. A cute one I might add.


She has become a smiley little girl and loves to talk to you. And had her first big laugh when her Aunt Jenn was tickling her- cutest.sound.ever. Her daddy just happened to be on the phone with me so he was able to hear it too! She is starting to love her toys. She swats and kicks them and then smiles. She love love loves her blankets- she will light up with excitement when you give her it and grab onto it with both hands. Rarely will she take a bink -kind of makes me sad because I love a bink face :)

I would guess her weight to be around 12lbs. She is in 3 months clothes and is just getting into size 2 diapers. She still has her pretty blue eyes and out of place super cute dimples. She can hold her head up very well. She hates tummy time, but will sometimes nap on her belly. Speaking of naps-twenty minute cat naps here and there are her thing- no long daytime naps for her *hoping that changes soon.* She won't take a good nap during the day unless were out! She is usually a great 'on the go' baby. She loves her car seat and the white noise.

SLEEP. She falls asleep around 9pm. A few nights ago she did her first sleep through the night- 9 whole hours. I can not tell you have excited I was. Though that seems to have been a big tease. Since then she has been getting up 2-3 times a night again to eat :/ Looking forward to her sleeping through the night more often... come on Addison, you can do it! Right now she spends half the night in her boppy on the couch (while hub is awake) and then by my bedside in her bassinet. Once she drops a feeding for good I will put her solely in the bassinet. But right now hubby can feed her if she gets up to eat before 2am.

She loves that rain forest vibrating/play chair. She smiles at the monkey that moves back and forth every day :)

I think that sums her up right now. Oh and she loves her mommy (&& daddy) for sure ;)
I love her so much and feel so lucky to be her mommy.

her lovely wall canvas came in, so excited to start decorating her walls. 

if you can't tell I'm addicted to instagram: jeskapug


Beka said...

Love this post! she is a doll! I am gonna follow you on instagram! I'm a huge fan!!! :)

Beka said...

also. i grabbed your button for my blog!

Lindsay said...

She is gorgeous!!!!

m&msmommy said...

She is absolutely beautiful!!! What a little sweetheart! :)

Anne U said...

So precious, love the canvas.

Tara said...

I love the canvas! Ican't believe she is three months already!

Kat said...

O M G she is seriously SO CUTE! I am pretty much dying a little inside right now because I miss my little Addi pie being this tiny! And helpless!!!! I swear that with every single month all I want to say is that it's the best month EVER! Every.single.month. ps- LOVE her name ;) Our Addison is going to be 11 months tomorrow....that's almost one. Did I mention I'm dying a little inside?

Darcie Santoyo said...

That canvas looks great. I've never had one printed but always wanted to.

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