Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Printsgram+Pinterest+Crochet Hats

I'm seriously addicted to instagram, and what a neat way to put all those photos together!
how cool?!
if you have instagram just go here: printsgram it takes literally two minutes or less to make!
find me on instagram: jeskapug

pinterest. also addicted. I'm finally getting the hang of it- only took a year ha.
Some things I'm pinning...
This DIY canvas for cheap!
Pinned Image
Sugar Bee Crafts

I want to make this for Addison's 1st Birthday (can't believe I'm thinking of that already!)
Some scrapbook paper, ribbons and tape! Easy peasy.
Pinned Image

Oh if only my baby were a sound sleeper...
Pinned Image
Jessica Vaughn Photography linked to Confessions of a Prop Junkie

And this is just seriously beautiful. I hope to be able to capture a photo like this of Addison when she's older. Saving to my files for a reminder. 
Pinned Image
Soft Rains of April

I mostly venture through photography boards because I'm really not crafty. But I'm getting into it... maybe I'll try my hand at a couple projects in the near future...

And finally. In case anyone was wondering about some of Addison's crochet hats.. 
DSC_2132-2 copy
a good friend of mine makes them customized! They are also nicely affordable. Caterpillar Family
Head over to her FB page and send her a message to get your little one a cute hat :)you won't be disappointed!


Tara said...

those hats are adorable!

x S.K.K x said...

Thanks for the awesome tip about prinstagram! Am now busy making posters hahah Gorgeous photos as always :-)

Kristi said...

Would you consider writing an instagram post. . .I need to learn more about it! The Prinstagrams are awesome!

Kat said...

I LOVE those hats! I need to get P some new ones. i went on a crazy hat spree before she was born. And thank you for sharing prinstagram I am OBSESSED NOW

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