Friday, September 7, 2012

1 Chemo Down!

First, thank you ALL for your comments, thoughts, prayers, and well wishes. I truly believe the more, the better! She has just told all her family and friends on Facebook, and the support has been amazing. She needs all the positive notes of encouragement!! And I appreciate every single one of them as much as she does. It gives me chills to know that many people care and are right behind her helping her fight!

Her first chemo treatment was yesterday, September 6th. It was very painful because she had her port cath put in the day before. They gave her Benadryl and pain meds so she slept most of the nine hours she had to be in there. She had a few visitors from family and friends. 

Now it feels really real. I'm bracing myself for the effects from her treatment. Her friend cut a lot of her hair, you can see above, so it wouldn't be too much to lose. The next week or two will be tough. Please continue your prayers! Her friend is working on her Caring Bridge journal, I'll post that link when it's up! Thank you.

© Copyright by Linda Nielsen 

Cancer is such a scary word, no matter how it's spoken. 
Peace of mind taken for granted, can be crushed and forever broken. 
But together we could fight this! 

It's an enemy from within us, striking oh so randomly.
Tomorrow it could be you, for yesterday it was me. 
So together we should fight this! 

While science is advancing, my heroes still are dying.
Some treatments just aren't working, but still we'll keep on trying. 
And together we will fight this! 

Research is the magic word, it's what we want to see.
Nothing less than a cancer cure, would mean so much to me. 
For together we have fought this! 

It'll take support from everyone, to really see this through.
So peace of mind for all of us, can start off fresh and new. 
And together we will win! 

Linda Nielsen


Kat said...

best of luck! thinking of you guys

Stephanie said...

She sure looks like a fighter. Nine hours though?? Wow! I remember my mom would have her chemo treatments (for breast cancer) on a Thursday and that weekend was pretty rough for her, but she was usually back to work by Tuesday. It was so hard seeing her get sick and knowing there was nothing we could do, but I think her being surrounded by supportive people and positive thoughts work wonders. Try to stay as upbeat for her as you can.

Tara said...

praying for your mom and your family!

Anne U @ hot coffee mama said...

So sorry about your mother, you're in my thoughts.

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