Monday, November 5, 2012

Addison 13 months

Addison is changing so much every day and getting smart. Smart enough to throw temper tantrums, which I was under the belief they didn't start until two. Nope, she definitely throws herself on the floor mad when I won't let her do something 'fun'... you know like hit my panic button on my car keys over and over (I'm sure my neighbors love hearing that daily), pull the dogs hair, hold onto her dirty diaper, or put her hands in the toilet. Mommy is pretty mean these days. 
It's a whirlwind between doing normal household duties and cleaning up after the 24/7 tornado that runs through the house. Well, she doesn't run quite yet... but she is getting the hang of walking...
She loves to talk. And in my opinion, she's very good. She has quite a vocabulary. Thinking this will fun when she learns the word no, and how to use it. She really is a ton of fun though. Her little personality is amazing. She will fake laugh if everyone is laughing, or fake cough if she hears someone (a little embarrassing during a quiet setting like the doctors office). She says Hiiii and Bye bye to every single person in the stores. She had about 10 random people giggling at her and all saying Hi in the Christmas Tree Store the other day, it was hilarious. She will jump on me and Dada trying to tackle us. She loves her books and animal noises. 
Getting photos of her has been near impossible. At other peoples sessions the moms are there to wrangle the kids. When it's just me and her... I can just forget trying to get a decent photo. So all of them have been iPhones lately. I'm going to ahem 'try' some Christmas photos, but I'm not holding my breath. 
Teeth seem to be a constant issue. She's cutting her 12th, and I'm pretty sure there are more molars slowly coming down. Lots of sleepless nights, but nothing new there!! Girl still doesn't sleep throughout the night. Something I've gotten used to by now. Waking up once for a bottle is an awesome night, I don't mind that. But crying every hour is no fun. 
Speaking of bottles. It's about that time. I'm so not ready to take them. Doctor said by 15-18 months, I'm probably going to be pushing 15 months. They are the one thing that settles her down. She has never taken a pacifier so her bottles work in that way. She has three a day and one at night. She doesn't linger with them, she usually drinks them pretty fast. So I'm not worried about it messing up her teeth yet. Just don't know how and when I'm going to make the switch... and lose a little sanity.
She's becoming such a little toddler now. Makes me slightly sad, but excited for all the fun to come. 
Halloween was already a blast. She was saying "trik tet" by the time we were headed home. She just loved trick or treating with her cousins, even though she really had no idea what was going on I saw a glimpse of what life is now. I realized how special these little moments are. I soaked it up. It's just going to get better...


Courtney @ One Fine Wire said...

L.O.V.E. I can't believe our kids are this old!!

Kat said...

omg the cuteness. And where did you get those pink boots? I neeeeed them!

kaley said...

so sweet :)
& I completely understand the picture issue ... I've given up haha

Angel said...

She's so precious! She is at such a fun (and sometimes challenging) age! How is your mom doing? She crosses my mind from time to time and she is in my prayers.

Amanda Kelley said...

Having mommy's as photographers---kids must know?!?! Mine is almost 3 now and I can finally get a decent photo...I have a 3 week old now too, so I have about 12 months of photos and a break until 3. Good Luck. Love your photography.

The Barker's said...

Oh my goodness!!! Such a beauty!! You really captured her personality in those pictures!!

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