Saturday, December 15, 2012

Addison 15 Months

In one word: Busy.
14 months
Addison is busy busy busy. There's no slowing down for this girl! Things have really changed this month. She's starting to walk more than crawl, finally. And that's been great. I think she feels like she's able to do more so she doesn't get as frustrated? 
14 months
She's beginning to communicate better. I can usually tell her to 'tell mommy, use your words' when she gets upset and she will stop and say what she wants... "det" (eat), "ba ba", "nigh nigh", etc. She really blow my mind with her words. She learns a new one nearly daily, and repeats so much. She uses "thank you"... clear as day... in context. So if you hand her her cup, she says thank you, or if we're checking out somewhere... thank you. I can also ask her if she wants to do something, more often than not the answer is no with a big head shake ;) But it's nice that she's starting to communicate with words and body language, it makes things easier! 
14 months
Soon after she turned 14 months we began front facing her in the car. She was getting so bad and crying non stop. I found myself reaching back constantly and it was distracting. I wanted to wait until 18 months, but I seriously think this was for the better for us. When we turned her around we were gifted and early Christmas present... a portable DVD player. HEAVEN.
14 months
She only watches Barney. She LOVES Barney. I remember when I was little stating "my kid will NEVER watch Barney"...(you know, it just wasn't cool). But hey I will play that same movie 10 times in a row now! She is a music lover. The more songs on a DVD the better. 
14 months
She is getting to be sooo sweet, at times :) She will just come up to me and pucker up or give me a big hug. I can't even take it. It kills me when she does that. 
14 months
She's even very gentle with Roxy now. She slowly hugs her or nicely pets her. 
I love love love my little busy body. 
14 months


The Best of Both Worlds said...

Those dvd players for the car are life savers haha. Love the last picture of her and Roxy!

Anne U @ hot coffee mama said...

Oh my goodness, these photos are so sweet! She's getting pretty tall too, wow, they do grow fast don't they.

kELLO! said...

what a sweet little girl you have!

Kat said...

she is so sweet. those toddler hugs....there's nothing sweetest is there? it's just so kind, innocent, and loving i can't take it myself

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