Monday, December 3, 2012

It's been awhile...time for GOOD NEWS!

Well I have some awesome news.

After four chemo treatments, my mom was scheduled for a PetScan, to see how/if the treatments are working. On Thursday, her 5th chemo, she received the results.

ADSC_2779(Mom with all her grandkids on Thanksgiving)

I was driving to work after dropping Addison off, anxiously waiting for my dad's text. And almost seconds after beginning to panic because it was now 30 minutes into her appointment, my phone beeped.

Dad to the kids: "GOOD NEWS... :)"

Ahh, it felt like almost all the weight in the world lifted off my shoulders. It didn't matter what was exactly 'good'... that's all I needed to hear.

Soo here's the gist.

The stage 4 cancer is now INACTIVE (which almost means remission!). All lymphs nodes are down to normal size. She will only have 6 instead of 8 treatments (so just one more)..AND, as of right now it doesn't appear she will need a bone marrow transplant!

As her doctor said, this is "miraculous"

NOBODY expected these results, mostly because of how far along her cancer was. We hoped and prayed it was working in the right direction. Dr. M said it could have easily gone the other way. We are so unbelievably happy, I have never. ever. heard better news in my life. It is 100% a Christmas miracle.  Thank you all for your continued prayers, I know the support of our family and friends contributed

Mom's 5th Chemo

Here's her Facebook post:

5th chemo today (Thurs. 11/29)! While I was in the office, I received a good and very unexpected (even by my doctor!) report about my recent PET Scan. Although the report did not say "remission," I am in a much better place than anyone expected. I was told that my lymph nodes are normal size (within a range) and the cancer looks to be inactive, and that I am scheduled for only one more chemo
treatment Dec. 20th) before starting IV maintenance bags every 8 weeks for a couple years. At this time, it appears that the chemo treatments used for my lymph nodes throughout my body also worked on my bone marrow issue, however, we will know more from the next PET scan because chemo (still in the body) can mask problems. I will have another PET scan a few months after my Dec. 20th chemo to see if the cancer still looks to be inactive, and to check again on the bone marrow issue. I'm still having stomach issues (ulcers+) so we are going to start concentrating on that now, too. My doctor looked into my eyes and said that when I came into his office the first day, I was very, very sick (more than I knew), and then he said that I have come a long way, very quickly. He told me that I have "been through hell", and that even he didn't know how I did it, while warning me that we still have to keep a close watch for any changes (continuous monitoring) after we stop chemo, and for years. When I told him "thank you for helping me," he shook his head and said, "no, thank God." I did thank God, and then we both shared tears and he gave me a hug. I believe my life is now short of a miracle, and I believe that's what my doctor was saying, also. He commented on what a wonderful support group I have, and I agreed, BIG TIME! Today, two very special friends and a couple daughters told me that it's time that I start to change my way of thinking. They told me that they knew all along that I was preparing to die, and now I need to prepare to live. It's hard to go from preparing every day how to make sure things are as easy on family and friends as possible for "when", to learning to make future plan, so for now I'll just say that I'm somewhere in the middle until I get the next PET scan. Once cancer has reared it's ugly face, the fear is there for life, even if it is inactive, but it doesn't have to rule a life, and THAT is what I am working on. It is obvious to me, without a doubt, that it is your prayers, well wishes, and HUGE support that helped me to turn my life back to living FOR life, if that makes any sense.....something I could not do alone. THANK YOU ALL! ♥


Allie said...

Glad to see good news! I'll continue to pray for your mom and your family.

Amanda Ward said...

Oh my goodness this is the best new! Soooooo happy to hear!

Ruthie said...

Wow! The Lord provided a miracle! Praising Him today with you!

Kat said...

WONDERFUL NEWS! congratulations and I am so so so so happy for your family

Lindsay Antenucci said...

oh my goodness i have chills right now. that is such wonderful news. the power of faith and prayer!!! so happy for your momma, what a wonderful christmas miracle. "_

Angel said...

This is WONDERFUL news! I think of your mom often and share your joy in her CHRISTmas miracle! So happy and relieved for your family!

The Best of Both Worlds said...

This is absolutely amazing!!! I'm so happy for you all!

Lisa said...

That is amazing! A true Christmas miracle. How wonderful for you all.

Courtney @ One Fine Wire said...

That is AMAZING news :)

Tara said...

This is the most amazing miracle!! Your filter deserves it!

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