Friday, October 29, 2010


Hello my sweet little niece.
Baby Bailey.
You came into the world at 3:23pm on Monday, October 25th 2010.
Weighing Six pounds Ten ounces, Twenty inches long.
Your Daddy, Grandma, and two Aunts were in the room 
as you made your entrance. 
(And of course your Mommy!)
And we all loved you the minute we saw you.

Here I am holding you for the first time.
You were very alert and looking all around.
I'm now an Aunt times FIVE. 
And I couldn't feel any luckier.

Your big brother Hayden came to the hospital soon after with Grandpa, 
he was so proud and so excited to see his little sister "bailwee"
He held you and stared into your eyes, 
and when you started to cry he teared up himself.
you were just hungry, but he didn't like to see you sad.
You are a very lucky baby and will have all the love in the world from your family.
I can't wait till your personality shows and you become your own little person!
You're already thriving. Love you to pieces!

Aunt KaKa


Brittany said...


Laura said...

Awww, too cute. I'm an aunt times 7 and it's so fun! I had three new baby nieces and nephews born within 3 months earlier this year - So exciting! :)

CK said...

Hi Jeska! You won a dvd giveaway over at my blog, "Keeping Up Klapper."

Send an email to keepingupklapper at gmail dot com to confirm.


Lori said...

Aw, I love this :)

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