Monday, October 4, 2010

Football Sunday

In the Fall Sunday's are dedicated to a quick clean of the house, some laundry, dishes, cooking, and football. But mainly cooking & football. This past Sunday we had friends over for hot dogs off the grill, buffalo chicken dip, and Halloween decorated cookies. 

Lori & I also worked on getting my camera's motion settings right...
Poor Roxy was the test subject :)
We now have figured it out for the most part, I just need real situations to test in!
And we watched the Skins smash the Eagles! A big upset! 

Which makes the win even greater.

Ahh it's so nice to relax on Sundays and get a win!

Hoping the weekend gets here soon!
& welcome those from Tuesday hops

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By Word of Mouth said...

Love your pics!
Here from the hop ...

MandeeFoFandee said...

ah, it was SUCH a great game! :)

Christy said...

You would fit right in here. There's always football on in this house.

Thanks for joining us today and have a great week!

kaley said...

tell lori that her pink undershirt clashes ;)

Jenn said...

Love all the Redskins gear you & Roxy have on! So cute how you dress her up for the games :)

*LLL with Leslie* said...

Thank you for the FMBT follow. I am following you back. Have a fantastic day!


-MissC* said...

Hi I'm Miss! From the blog Miss' Boudoir!
I am now following you! Hope you'll get the chance to follow me too!

Ashley Sisk said...

Most people watch the use the time to take pictures. Love it!

amylou said...

you pup is too cute!

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