Sunday, October 24, 2010

Weekend Report- Part 1

I took my weekend buddy Patton to the dog park. He made a friend, Bentley. And they were soo cute together. They played wonderfully. Nothing like watching a four month old puppy chasing down and flailing his goofy paws on a huge, gentle 80lb dog. Near the end of the time we spent there I remembered I had my camera with me and got a couple shots, but they don't do justice for all the cuteness that went on. 

There were times where the puppy laid on his back and pawed up at Patton, and Patton laid down too and gently played with him. Adorable.

Roxy doesn't 'play' with many dogs, she's particular. So this was a real treat to watch. It gave me the 'I want a puppy' itch! But that won't be any time soon!

Sunday Football- of course.
Well this was a bit different from the norm. Hub went to the game in Chicago with a friend so Lori came over and we baked brownies, made grilled cheese sandwiches, watched the game, anndd made these:
Vanilla bean ice cream on warm double chocolate brownies topped with Hershey syrup and peanut butter Oreo crumbs.. is your mouth watering yet?! One word: Yum.

My nephew was dropped off for the evening while my sister prepares for baby Bailey! She will be induced in the morning. So we baked blueberry muffins to enjoy in the morning before departing for the hospital..

 Goof ball...
 he was such a good helper

our finished blueberry muffins!

Then we decided to play outside with Patton before settling down for the night..
That will be the next post. 


kaley said... droooooling over that brownie. and peanut butter oreos?? i didn't know about them ... :/

amylou said...

how fun! and your muffins look amazing!

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