Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Miscellaneousness :)

Eek. LOVE my camera...LOVE Photoshop... 

and LOVE... 
This little girl! (linked at Pastor's Girl's Ponderings for On Cloud Nine & The Paper Mama's Wordish Wednesday!)

Oh, and remember when I won the recycled art blocks from Waste Not on Freckles & Fudge blog?! Probably not. Well I just got them in the mail last week!! I LOVE them. Such a nice addition in my home :)  What do you think?

Also- I am so happy to receive the Friendly Relay Award from a very kind and fun blogger, Tanya at A Taste of TTanya and her hubby were married in Maui jeallousss ;) and are expecting their first child! Check out her blog!
I thought I would give this award to just four bloggers this time!
And here they are!

Jamie Leigh @ My walk to I Do

The Questions:
1. What did you first want to be when you grew up?
veterinarian, but I don't think I could bare to see hurt dogs.
2. What were your favorite cartoons?
My Little Pony, Smurf's, Scooby-Doo, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Winnie the Pooh, Duck Tales, I could go on!!
3. Favorite childhood game?
Hide and Seek! And Scrabble. Haha, yes I'm a nerd.
4. Most favorite birthday?
I guess I would say my 21st as far as having the most fun. But my last birthday (24th) I was very spoiled :)
5. Something you've always wanted to do and haven't done yet?
Visit Hawaii... then Paris... or vice versa :)
6. What was your first love?
7.First musical idol?
LeAnn Rimes.
8. Favorite gift?
My sweet Nikon.
9. If a theme song played for you everywhere you went, what would it be?
Right now that new song by Neon Tree- Animal...For the 'theme' just the main verse "oh oh I want some more, oh oh what are you waiting for" at the moment :)
10. Favorite city to visit:


Amy said...

aw thanks :-) I love your picture of your cute niece :-) what a great photo and so sweet :-)

Ashley said...

Hi, I'm so happy you found my blog, I love yours! These pictures are beautiful, I want photoshop! :)

carlotta said...

Beautiful photos! So precious.

armywife_b2010 said...

Hello Jeska,

I noticed that you do not have reply to email set up for your blog. Reply to email lets a blogger reply to a followers comment through an email, so they can talk to that follower only. If you dont know how to set this up you can refer to my first post the Title of that post is "To ALL MY FOLLOWERS" you can also click on the lable that says 'Reply to Email' at the top of my blog and it will take you straight to it. there is a link in that post that takes you to a blog that I follow that explains how to get this set up :)

kaley said...

i LOVE the word art thingy! i'm jeallllous! hehe

amylou said...

beautiful photos Jeska!
Oh and those art blocks are sooo cute! I would love to have some of those.

Natalie said...

Beautiful! Love those blocks and the pics of the darling little girl!

The Best of Both Worlds said...

I also love your blocks!!! They are so cute.

& now I totally want this camera. I have been reading all about it! I have photoshop, have for years but never use it. I should probably start!

Allie said...

I want photoshop!!! Ugh. Someday. And those blocks are so adorable... as is your niece!!

m&msmommy said...

Great pics! And my goodness your niece is just too darn cute!!! :)

Thank you for the award! :)

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

aw Thanks for the award Jessica!!

Kat said...

do you use photoshop or lightroom? We just bought a mac and i asked for lightroom 3 for xmas - I'm so excited! I have photoshop and bridge on my PC but I feel like I need more!

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