Thursday, August 18, 2011

35 weeks

Days shy of being 9 months pregnant!
Less than two weeks until I am full term!!
Five weeks until she should be here!!!

I feel a lot larger than I look!

I'm getting terrible at pregnancy updates these days, but here we go! As of last Thursday (one week ago today) my doctor estimates little girl to weigh a whopping 5lbs! And she is still head down. All great news. Her tiny bum and feet like to get in my ribs now which can be super uncomfortable. Still way worth it just to feel her move around though! She also has the hiccups at least twice a day now and they have the power to make my stomach repeatedly jump. I feel good for being this far along. I thought it would be worse being pregnant during the summer. It's definitely harder to maneuver but I'm managing well. I've been getting pretty painful leg cramps. They usually only last a minute or so though. I'm also having braxton hicks contractions, mostly at nights, but they can be as close as five minutes apart! Overall, I really can't and shouldn't complain, everything is going wonderfully. Next Thursday I start weekly doctors appointments! It's getting down to the wire here :)

Hubby and I went to a child birth class at the hospital I'm delivering at a couple weeks ago. I really recommend this to any first time parents. Even though I already knew most of the information from reading, researching, and asking other moms, I still learned a lot. I think it was more beneficial for Hub though, so he will know what's going on!

Her room is nearly finished. I'll take some photos soon to share! We bought a storage cube in white on sale for $37, regularly $49! It's perfect for miscellaneous items and super cute with pink canvas drawers. It will help keep her room organized and acts as a mantle to put cute stuff on.

There isn't a whole lot left to do besides get our maternity photos done, put the play yard & swing together, sterilize paci's, and pack hospital bags! Car seat is installed and the stroller is ready in the trunk. All of her clothes, blankets, sheets, bibs, etc. are washed. That's been one of the most exciting things to do...the smell of Dreft is wonderful :) I'm sure more miscellaneous tasks will come up but for now I'm feeling nearly prepared for the first time!


Anne U said...

Looking good!

Anonymous said...

35 weeks already? Gosh you look amazing! I can not wait to see her room and "meet" her.

Natalie said...

You look great. And I stinkin LOVE your headband!!
You are so prepared...sounds like you're pretty much ready! Isn't it crazy we're to the point now that our girls could come anytime after 2 weeks from now. Or it could still be 6 or 7? Craziness! Excited to see her room!

Jessica said...

You look great!!

nicole. said...

super tiny and ADORABLE.

is this shot with your 35mm? do you use a filter? lens hood?

kaley said...

one month left girl :)
and you really made me feel extra behind! rhys' closet hasn't even been painted yet therefore clothes have not been washed :( i'll be scrambling these last couple weeks!

m&msmommy said...

Just like I said from the beginning, you have been the cutest prego I have ever seen! :) ADORABLE!!!! :)

SO excited for you as you enter the "final stretch" :)

Have a great weekend!

Ashley Sisk said...

Gosh aren't you darling!

Ria @ Life as a Wife! said...

You are alllllmmost there! How exciting, Jeska! :) Can't wait for the post where your bundle has arrived!!!!!
Bless you & Happy weekend!

Callie Nicole said...

You are the tiniest almost-full-term pregnant lady I've seen! You look adorable. :-) You are way ahead of where I was as far as being prepared too - and I thought Dreft was the best smell too. :-) Until Wyatt was born, and then his new baby smell was the best.

Dina @ 4 Lettre Words said...

So, so exciting! I know her room is precious.

Katie said...

Thats awesome that your preggos! Your baby is due two days before my 14th b'day!

Sian said...

I just found your blog on flob, Lovely blog and amazing photos! Good luck with the birth of your little girl. Reading your post brings it back to me when I was pregnant. x

The Best of Both Worlds said...

You look awesome. You should show a comparison from beginning to now. And where did u get this headband your wearing?

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