Monday, August 22, 2011

another week..

Happy Monday. All the sudden, I'm 36 weeks/ 9 months preggo and I am tired. Pregnancy seems to be finally taking a toll on me. I feel huge and I'm definitely waddling more! Hubby had to help push me up in bed in the middle of the night just so I could waddle myself to the bathroom. 'Oh the joys of pregnancy.'  We both laughed as I was laid like a turtle on my back saying "I can't get up!" Ahh, four more weeks (yes, Addison please come out in four weeks!) until we meet her!! This weeks task is to get my hospital bag started.
No pictures of big girl this week, I'm too lazy. Plus I should have some maternity photos soon!
I have a few more photo sessions over the next two weeks and then I will be on 'baby break'! As much as I'm loving doing shoots, moving around a lot and fast isn't so easy anymore! :)

And for a random picture...
Linking up to the Paper Mama's challenge: Furry Friend
My nephew with his dog Lucy!


Natalie said...

I feel the EXACT same way lately. Just exhausted all the time. Not like 'i need to go to sleep right now' tired, just wiped out and not having any energy!

Yvonne said...

What a great shot :)

kaley said...

gosh do i know the feeling!!
i started my bag last night, nothing major, just some toiletries! but i did get all my nursing tops washed and ready to take! i wish we knew if we were going to be in the hospital together!!! haha

Mallory said...

Beautiful shot. I love the black & white.

Emmy said...

Cute cute shot! And yes, at the end it is nearly impossible to read

~M~ said...

I am currently 36weeks too and am def noticing my walk has turned into a waddle. Ha ha!

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