Friday, August 6, 2010

Day Two- 31 in 31

Preparing for Game Day! 
Day Two Photo

Our new Jersey's arrived in the mail today!

Hubby has been a die-hard Redskin fan since he was able to view a television. By the time he could talk he was able to name almost every player on the team at the current time, really, no joke (a story heard many times from the in-laws!) My Dad was also an avid Redskin football fan, and I grew up watching and rooting for our home team. Needless to say, football season is a very big deal in our household. Nearly a whole room (our computer room) is dedicated to the Redskins... there is everything from helmets, mini-helmets, stadium replicas, trolls (yes odd I know), figurines, magazines, posters, photos, saved ticket stubs, lamps, blankets...the list goes on and on. September through January consumes A LOT of my husband, but he loves it. And I love it ...

I love the season, early fall, crisp air, 
the get-together's, with family, with friends,
the smell of hearty food cooking in the oven. 
I love the cheering, the shouting,
and the proud wearing of burgundy and gold,
Win, or Lose.  


I felt the need to end this post with a photo of Baby Hub  :)

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