Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday & HX1

Ah, Monday. To start off my Monday morning I was awoken at 6:45am (I'm a late riser, usually not up until 8) to six men with hammers and Heaven knows what else on my roof (yay, a new roof today). AHhhh. It was crazy loud. Roxy was all in a stir. We tried to lay in bed a little longer, but that wasn't happening, Hub and I laughed when it got even louder. So I  got up and ready as fast as I could and ran out the house.
Who Me? Early to work? HA. Well I was. So my sister and I went for our usual Starbucks run. Admit-tingly I parked with my back bumper a touch over the back line of the parking spot at Safeway, but the lot was nearly empty and it was only a quick run. So we muddle inside to get our mouth savoring white chocolate mochas, yum, talk to our newly preggo barista for a moment then walk back out only to find that some lady picked the spot behind me (out of ALL the empty spots around) and literally had her front tag pushed against my back bumper! Well this 'lady' kept her distance from the car, almost like it wasn't hers, looking at her phone then looking at us and the cars. How weird is that? Mind you, I'm laughing in my head at this point because my bumper is already damaged from a hit and run and it's soon to be replaced anyway. BUT just to make the lady sweat it out a little, I move my car up some to take it off her license plate and inspect the damage. We rubbed my bumper and pointed to certain areas of the bumper like there were scratches/dents (there actually were some buff-able scuff marks). But seriously! Who parks up on someone else's bumper with a ton of empty spaces around THEN doesn't even move her vehicle backwards and walks away!? The whole thing was quite humorous. Now if I would have just gotten my bumper replaced (like I should have already) THEN I would have been a little upset! Oh well, enough of that story. Here's a much better one...

Let me share my super early birthday present from my wonderful awesome hubby! 

Dun dun dun dun....

The Sony HX1! I LOVE it. Isn't she sweet? I debated for months and months over what would be my next camera purchase. Originally I wanted an SLR...but for a couple reasons I decided against it. 1. I really didn't need a professional grade camera. 2. I didn't need to carry lenses around and make sure they are properly cleaned and 3. I would worry way too much over it. But I wanted a GOOD camera so I looked at my other options. I really hadn't thought about a bridge camera before. I played with this bad boy and knew I met my perfect match. I then read THOUSANDS of reviews from every site I could find. I compared a couple different cameras in the category, spending a ton of hours online. I kept coming back to this one. 

This is what I love about it so far:

- Image quality
- Picture color
- 20x zoom
- Sweep Panorama Mode
- 1080p HD Movie Mode
- The 'G' lens -equivalent of a 28-560mm lens on a 35mm camera 
- High speed shooting (10fps) 

I haven't gotten to mess with it too much but here are a couple pictures, unedited. 

This picture was taken behind our couch, which was nearly pitch dark. 
It snapped so fast and I was very happy with it's turnout.
(Oh BTW- Roxy doesn't normally sleep behind the couch, 
I think she was afraid of the rain that could possibly turn into thunder)

This one had no flash and it was fairly dim inside. 

This was taken from inside my window, which is why it's not perfectly clear. 
But still a good shot- at full zoom.

Oh and my birthday isn't until September 15th :)


A Blog In The Life Of Krystal... said...

aw, beautiful photos! congrats on a new camera. they always have a way of being inspiring. :)

Ashley Sisk said...

Yay for new cameras....I can't wait to see what you'll do with it.

Jessica @ Life's Good Be Happy said...

Wow...jealous times 1000! haha I want a new camera so bad and I've been wanting a SLR too, but now I am rethinking it for the same reasons. I can't wait to see more pictures! :)

Ariana said...

Happy early Birthday! lol
I've been thinking about getting a bridge camera for on-the-go shots. I've heard great things about that sony, too!

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