Friday, August 13, 2010

Meet Kali

As previously mentioned, my parents recently adopted
 a two year old Shiba-Inu/Shepherd mix.  
I went to visit her today. What a girl. 

There are so many words to describe Kali...  strong, determined, curious,

So happy to roll over for you to rub her belly and loves to give kisses...

 She's confused as to where she is, it's all so new, yet again.  This will be her fifth home in her two short years of life.  She doesn't know what 'home' is.  Every time she bonds with someone she's moved somewhere else.. a whole new surrounding, all new people.  

She has separation anxiety, I wonder why...

 Kali knows sit, down, roll-over, paw, and seems to know 'kiss'... but her intelligence is so apparent she'll be learning much more...

Kali was taught how to ring a door bell when she needed to go out. Well she can also open doors very easily and can sneak her way through the smallest openings.

new family member
She's slowly adjusting to her new home with my parents and their two thirteen year old shepherd mixes. It will be a bit of work for awhile. But the years of unconditional love is more than worth it. 

Kali doesn't know this yet, but she will be so happy there, 
her mommy, daddy, and entire family will love her to no end, 
and it really is her forever home. 


Ms. J said...

Thanks for finding and following my blog! Hopefully I can stick with it this time, I was blogging everyday a couple months ago and then moved and lost it. But I have blogged 3 days in a row now so that's an improvement haha

How funny that we honeymooned at the same place and our dogs have the same name :) I'm glad your experience there wasn't as horrible as ours. Although it was a pretty place - I wonder now if we had low expectations maybe we would enjoy it more. Who knows!

That's so nice of your parents to adopt this precious pup. Poor thing. I was never really an animal or dog person until I got Roxie and now I can't believe I am one of those crazy dog people who treat their dog like a baby! My family always had dogs, but I was never into them. Now I get it :) We also trained Roxie to ring the bell when she needs to go outside- she's so good at it and it works out really well!

The Best of Both Worlds said...

I love your blog Jess!!! The layout & everything turned out super cute! I love reading your blog post! Kali is so sweet! Your parents are awesome for adopting her. & Yay for Jimmy finally being able to enjoy dinner with you!! I love when we can sit at the table at night and all enjoy dinner together.

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